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February 17, 2016

A Week

Wednesday. And to bed early to futz with the tablet a bit before light's out not long after nine. Took some time to get to sleep, a somewhat uneven night's sleep, but good enough to say success, even though we awakened before six. Not all that long before six.

They're saying rain later today. Rain and wind. I could hear the wind last night as I was drifting off and it was blowing hard enough to hear this morning when I awoke. Checked to see if it was raining - no, dry - and the wind had pretty much died down by the time I set out to walk to breakfast. Overcast, the weather people predicting rain by this evening with fifty mile an hour gusts, dry by the weekend and the Lunar New Year Parade. Which means we'll go by an ATM later this morning to get it done while it's dry.

Stuff to do today, not a bunch, but then that's both an advantage and a disadvantage of retirement.

Later. Windy, gusty, cool without being all that cold, clearly looks to be a storm on the way weather. Lots of clouds, but none really dark (yet) on a walk to the Lakeshore ATM, best to get it done before the rains arrive. He said.

A photograph of the rear tire of a car in the corner parking lot off Grand, the two tires on its left side flat. I'd taken a snapshot earlier of its front tire on the way home from breakfast. Undoubtedly done by some helpful fellow who skulked in and let the air out of the tires during the night; done, one assumes, for the hell of it. Let's you know parking in our neighborhood isn't without risk. At least they didn't slash the tires, all it will take is air to fix it.

Later still. Another Latham Square section done and posted. Still windy, blustery, but no sign yet of rain, the Weather Underground site saying not until later this evening. Exciting stuff around here for a Wednesday.


Evening. Picked up a grilled chicken sandwich at the burger drive-in. Not sure why, the body just got up, put on a jacket, walked itself over to the drive-in, ordered it and then came right back. Not hungry, not not-hungry (if that makes any sense). Not sure it does to me. Still, one fifty-four on the scale this morning, we're approaching the desired one fifty-five and so grilled chicken for lunch.

Democracy Now at five-thirty, the entire program on Flint. Makes you want to re-check what you know about the water you're getting from your own tap. I remember friends with water filters on their kitchen faucets when I lived in Napa, not sure what the water was like in Napa, not sure I've seen any filters around here. The rumors have always been the Bay Area's water is fine and it's all that other stuff they tell to avoid that will kill you well before the water will kill you here.

A Death in Paradise at eight. Yes, I'd seen it before and no, I didn't remember much if anything about it, who'd done it and the like. But this seems to be the norm, happy enough to follow along with a little guitar on the side, to bed then at nine on this middle day of a week.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tet Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.