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Here In Oakland

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February 14, 2016

And Screaming

Sunday. Lights out by ten, but an uneven night's sleep to awaken before six, taking my time getting ready to head out to breakfast on another clear morning, listening to the radio reports on Scalia's sudden death in Texas and a recap of last night's debate. The debate was treated as much less important than Scalia's passing and some of the exchanges in the debate I'd found amazing weren't covered, but that's the reason to listen to them and not rely on after the fact reporting.

Wide awake and well driving to breakfast, the weight above one fifty-two on the scale this morning and so crab cake Benedict for breakfast. Substantial, but much less so than yesterday's plunge. We'll leave this weight thing alone for a while. At least for now.

Nothing on the schedule, a walk later to somewhere, something I say here about this time every morning. Somewhere. It's a three day weekend, for many anyway, so that should give us more options.

Later. A walk to the lake at noon without a thought in my head about where I might end up going, feeling a bit hungry, but not hungry enough to visit any of the local eating establishments. Hmm. Not much of a walk, ended up sitting near the white column pergola, lots of people about, one lone guy over by one of the pergola columns exploding with a loud voiced monologue to the world every now and again. Reasonably dressed, in his mid-twenties, no one paid him attention or, more accurately, seemed to pay him attention, but obviously watching “just in case”. You understand.

Back to the apartment to lie down with some of the dry mouth symptoms now , although they seemed more as symptoms that could be cured by eating something than any of the ocular stuff. One of the containers of oatmeal with the sugar packet seemed to take care of it, but the hour's sleep that followed helped as well. So, a nice day up into the seventies has basically resulted in staying inside and taking a nap. Better for it, of course, but we seem stuck in the same old pattern: peppy mornings, poopy afternoons.

Evening. Another Elementary rerun I've seen before at six, not a particularly satisfactory episode as it happens. The damaged Holmes portrayed in this series grates to some degree and I've been more interested in figuring out how this applies to my own personal expectations than any deviance from the canon. I took a crack at writing a Holmes episode once, maybe it's time to try another one.

You haven't been doing all that well writing here.

Well, change has been needed here now for some time. It may just, you know, take a while longer before it happens.

Kicking and screaming.

Kicking and screaming.

The photo up top was taken this noon hour at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.