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February 5, 2016

The Evening

Friday. Not a bad night's sleep. I start this when I get back home after editing and posting yesterday's entry and I sometimes don't quite remember how the night indeed went, if I awoke more than once, did I get up and take a leak? They all run together after a while, but I'm pretty sure last night went well. Pretty sure is good enough.

Another clear sky morning, a bit cold, but not all that bad a walk. Another plain waffle with sliced fruit breakfast, though. I have a lot of them as it's often the only thing on the café's traditional American breakfast menu I can get myself to eat. Nothing wrong with the various meat, eggs, potatoes and such combinations they offer and I do sometimes have one, but just now and then when I get a green light.

We believe you've mentioned this in the past.

What did you not get about the fact I really can't remember all that much about the night before just three hours after waking up?

A haircut, this morning. Need to get ready for that.

Later. In a better and more perfect world I would have taken the bus downtown to the haircut with both cameras in tow, gotten the haircut and then taken BART to San Francisco to photograph whatever I could find in this Super Bowl 50 area they've created at the Embarcadero. I would. In a more perfect world (when I was, say, three years younger). But I'm not and so I didn't.

Still, a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then another bus a block farther down at 20th to the City Center to arrive ten minutes before the appointment. I was her first appointment and so we were done by eleven-thirty with time enough left to still catch the returning bus, but walked up Broadway to photograph the crew pouring cement at Latham Square instead. Well worth the time and effort.

A walk back to the apartment, stopping at the burger drive-in (after much internal discussion) to pick up a chicken sandwich. Hungry and, since the weight has been continuing its decline, we need to push the calories. No reason to get any lighter than I am now. I don't know if my reasons for this decision are good or bad, but a chicken sandwich for lunch please, hold the cheese and onions.

Later still. Processed today's pictures and then watched last night's Elementary episode on the tablet. Another not to be believed plot, but that doesn't seem to matter, this season is looking pretty good. Up then to watch the PBS Newshour at four, having skipped my usual viewing time of three to opt for Elementary, getting my priorities straight.

Evening. A New Tricks at seven, the cast now consisting of new actors replacing the old. Hard to say what I think of it in its new form, but then I'm not quite clear what I thought of it with the old actors other than I seem to have reliably watched it on Friday nights.

Anyway, it was followed by Death In Holy Orders, an Adam Dalgleish Mystery that told me in no uncertain terms I needed to go to bed right then and hang it up for the evening.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.