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Here In Oakland

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February 28, 2015

Ups And Downs

Saturday. I was lying in bed watching something on the tablet last night, thinking I'd get up and watch New Tricks when it came on at seven, when the ocular migraine kicked in. Not totally over the top, but strong enough to enter that other world, whatever or whenever that otherworld is or may be. Deedle-dee-dee.

I did finally get up to turn on New Tricks fifteen mintues late, was in no condition to quite figure out what exactly was happening with the plot, but to bed again at eight and going right to sleep. Up with the alarm at six. Eight to six. Lose one, gain another. The grilled cheese sandwich I'd had for lunch? The Spicy Szechuan Noodle cup I'd had for dinner? You can go crazy thinking about all this. So best to stop.



Anyway, up with the alarm on another sunny morning. They were saying a thirty percent chance of rain last night and a thirty percent chance today, so we'll see. So far no cigar. There are clouds up there, but they're in the distance.

I was informed my morning café is going to open an hour later starting tomorrow at seven instead of six (when the locally passed requirement for a higher minimum wage kicks in) and so I'll start walking to breakfast in the mornings. Can't hurt, an hour more of sleep. Maybe. If that's the way it works out. A little worried about my morning restaurant, though. Hope they're making enough money to survive. They said dinners are the big thing in the area, not so much breakfast and lunch and they're only open for breakfast and lunch.

And (what else?), gas prices went up another six cents this morning at the corner station, making a total rise of $1.03 for the month. Over a buck. Fine. We can stop now. I don't drive and so have little or no skin in the game, so it's OK to stop talking about it. I hear they won't stop, they're going to continue to go up, but we'll let that happen without comment.

Later. A walk over along the lake and through the farmers market, noticing they'd sprayed water to keep the dust down on the now very dusty streets they've been resurfacing this last week. Which is good. I'm going to have to wash a very dusty car when they're finished.

On then to Lakeshore to have two scoops of ice cream at the ice cream shop, haven't done that in a while. Back along by the lake taking a quick series of pictures of the Capoeira group practicing. I'd wondered about this when I was heading out earlier, wondered what it was and so the picture. Back to the apartment, a picture of the apartment house construction site as I was crossing Grand. So much for today's adventures.

A dry mouth, though, around noon. No ocular stuff, but I again wondered what might have caused it, a dry mouth in the past often leading to the less pleasant stuff. The ice cream? Hard to say, so went to bed and watched a Korean thing on the tablet for an hour or so, the mouth now back and better, still some day ahead.

Evening. An afternoon and now an evening watching more crap on the tablet. I suspect there's only so much you can do before you need to do something else for the rest of your life. So far no sign of rain, but there are thunderstorms nearby, hearing a radio alert warning people to stay inside to avoid hail and electrocution. If you can hear thunder you are within lightening range. I don't think I've heard an emergency warning quite like this about thunderstorms before. Floods, yes, rivers to watch, but hide inside if the lightening comes by? We'll stay inside.

Received the new Dylan CD this afternoon after reading some of the reviews. I was curious. Dylan singing songs from the American Song Book, Autumn Leaves and the like. He's serious and it's pretty good, but I'll want more time to listen to it through and then think about it. Interesting man, Mr. Dylan, for all his ups and downs.

The photo up top was taken at a Lion Dance group performing on Webster Street in downtown Oakland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.