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February 26, 2015

Can't Hurt

Thursday. I did get to bed early and I did turn off the tablet after eight, lights out before nine and got a good night's sleep, awakening fifteen minutes before the alarm. Which is good. I guess. Reading the papers this morning there was a story describing the results of a long term examination of sleep in (ahem) older folks. It seems if you routinely sleep more than eight hours a night or sleep less than six hours per night you're in greater danger of a stroke. Best to be getting six to eight. Which seems to be what I've been getting. I think. Guess. So good. Maybe we can knock off talking about looking at the clock after midnight and thinking six or seven wouldn't work out.

Oh, and another twelve cent overnight increase in the price of gas. Another story in the paper saying there's much more to come. We've probably beaten this one to death so we'll just take and post the pictures from here on out and keep our comments to ourself.

Nice day out there, plenty of sun. Need to go by an ATM, so an excuse to head to Broadway later. The doctor mentioned there was a blood pressure pill they once prescribed back in the days when very little was available that actually worked. This one didn't work either, but they discovered in some cases it cured migraines, ocular or otherwise, so he phoned in a prescription. I'll pick them up as well. Don't worry about it lowering your blood pressure on top of the pills you're taking now as they don't work.

Modern medicine?

I suspect in another hundred years they'll look back on all these various pills we take the way we look back on bleeding as a nineteenth century medical treatment.

Later. A walk down the hill deciding to walk to the ATM on Lakeshore rather than take a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then heading back home. They've had signs up along Grand saying no parking from today through Saturday from the 580 overpass to and beyond my morning restaurant, so I took pictures of the progress they've made this first morning of the project. They've started up more quickly and with greater effect than they did the last time they were resurfacing these streets.

As I reached my bus stop I decided to catch the bus downtown instead of returning home. Somewhat tired after the walk to and back from the Lakeshore ATM (not an unusual or particularly long walk), but I didn't want to continue on home or delay to take the daily pictures at the construction site. Just sort of put off deciding to catch the bus until I was on the bus headed downtown.

Downtown, a walk to the City Center for a cinnamon bun and coffee out in front of the bagel shop, a look at the watch to see I could still catch the bus back home if I hurried and so back to Broadway to find a familiar face. They'd taken down the signs describing what this was about the first time I'd run into them, but this time the signs were still in place. OK. Interesting, took a picture of each before scooting across the street to catch that bus.

Got off a stop early and took the usual apartment construction site pictures, but starting to feel somewhat off. Didn't think about it particularly, other than did I really want to expend the extra effort, but a few minutes taking pictures to then head on home to lie down and (surprise) enter into another ocular event. Well, picking up those pills wouldn't have helped with this one, we'll get them up tomorrow, a reason to go downtown two days in a row. Be nice if they worked although the doctor was clear success had been achieved in only a small percentage of cases. Still, worth a shot.

Up now to listen to the news after the ocular thing had dissolved into an hour's nap. Feel better, but it takes about an hour for the head to come together and the body to get up to speed once I'm up.

Evening. Elementary isn't playing this week/evening so no need to worry about staying up until eleven. Vera, a detective program I watched a portion of last week, starts on the PBS channel at eight. We'll take a second look. Can't hurt.

The photo up top was taken of a Lion Dance group performing on Webster Street in downtown Oakland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.