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February 18, 2015

Don't You Think?

Wednesday. The usual time on the tablet before turning out the lights before ten, up with the alarm after what was probably a decent night's sleep. I figure if I'm not sure I must have been asleep and not spending my time fretting over the clock. Anyway, off to breakfast on another overcast morning, but not as overcast as it was yesterday so we may have a clearer day ahead.

Put the laundry in the wash first thing, distracted myself as best I could to get the clothes going before I had time to talk myself out of it. Could have put it off another week or two, but better to get it done this morning. He said.

Later. Laundry done. Went easily with the slightly smaller loads, all folded and hung, the socks sitting in their bin ready to be folded into little balls later this afternoon. As it's been done in the past. So good.

There'd been some clatter outside, some construction of some kind was my thinking, finally opened the balcony curtains and discovered they were replacing/refurbishing the roof on the apartment house across the way. OK. Pictures. Of course.

Still overcast, but signs of sun as it approaches noon. We've been taking it easy otherwise, maybe go downtown to pick up a prescription refill, go by the ATM and then think in terms of something for lunch.

Later still. A walk to the bus stop, the bus running quite late, but catching a bus finally to the ATM on Broadway to find a sign saying the ATM had been vandalized and not, I noted to myself, for the first time. But it's a work day where it had been a Sunday the last time it had happened and so going inside the bank to withdraw the wanted funds. On down Broadway to the City Center to have a raisin bun and coffee out at one of their tables during what was now the noon hour, lots of people sitting and eating, lucky to find a table.

Looking at the NextBus app on the smartphone it said the bus was running late and wouldn't arrive for another twenty minutes, so a walk up Broadway only to have the bus pass me by, obviously running on time. The bus and the NextBus app don't seem to be talking to one another today and so a walk to the construction site to take a set of pictures and then on home to lie down for a while, clear the head, let the body relax. Tired after all the walking. The definition of what I call a “long walk” is getting shorter and shorter as we get older.

Did notice ash smudges on people's foreheads as I was walking, maybe five or six along Broadway, but then the number going ballistic as I approached Harrison at Grand. Ah, right, The Cathedral of Christ The Light at the corner of Harrison and Grand. Ash Wednesday. Lent. A glimpse into the real world where people pay attention to such things.

Later still. Four o'clock. We've pretty much recovered from the couple of miles we walked earlier by lying down and watching two episodes of Vegas on the tablet. I'd never heard of it before finding it on Amazon. I need to stop talking about not finding things on television, the narrow number of choices I allow myself isn't something real people are familiar with. Cable and such.

Ah, well. Anyway, lying down and watching this stuff on a tablet seems to allow the body to knit itself back together and the head to straighten out. A plus for the tablet.

Evening. I did take a standard dose of the pain meds around noon, the sinuses aching more than the norm and then took another dose around three when I got home from downtown. Two doses three hours apart is more than recommended and they appear to have worked as the sinuses are still there, letting me know they're there, but aching less, much less and the head feeling clear. Makes you worry a bit. I'm not taking the meds routinely, don't take as many as in the past, but they clearly work and are clearly needed now and again. Ah, well. Modern life augmented by our little helpers.

And the DEA.

Now, now.

Nothing on television as mentioned, so to bed early to continue (I suspect) with Vegas and then, if not Vegas, then something else. Quite a bit of the various tablet offerings are crap, but it's hard to tell from their written descriptions. There's a viewers rating and they're usually informative, but again, you pretty much have to watch it for a while to see if they're worth while or crap. Tough, these daily battles and difficult decisions, don't you think?

The photo up top was taken at the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tet Festival on Saturday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.