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February 4, 2015

A Problem

Wednesday. I was wondering what was happening early last evening, an ocular something coming on? Just a touch, but a reason to get to bed and sleep early. Which I did. I think. (Odd to wonder so soon after getting up this morning, the memory again.) I'm assuming I did. Get a good long night's sleep.

Up ten minutes after the alarm to head out the door and back from breakfast, the price of regular up six cents over yesterday, the price yesterday four cents up from the day before that. Doesn't seem to matter much one way or another, I have no idea the whys or wherefores. The nose is a bit stuffed up, still feel tired, but we'll lie down for a while and see if the day doesn't then restart.

Later. A good hour's sleep. Seemed to have needed it, no problem dropping right off. So up, the sinuses clogged up in addition to their usual antics, makes me wonder if all these Spare The Air days we've been having haven't had an effect, getting outside with a camera and all that. Not that I've been getting outside that much lately, but I do get out and, you know, breathe.

Over to the construction site for the usual set of pictures. I'd talked with the construction manager and he's projecting completion in October. There are a full five stories going on top of the cement basement and parking garage levels, so they still have a way to go. I wasn't sure about that, whether what I was calling the two lower stories with cement walls and ceilings counted in the five. They don't.

Back to the apartment to think about lunch. Eventually. Go downtown? It's overcast, why would I want to go downtown? Why do I ever really want to go downtown anymore after retiring? You get the current not interested in anything drift to this. Still a bit tired, but no longer able to sleep. Running out of options here, it will eventually put enough pressure on me to find new ones. At least that's how it's happened in the past, not sure if the rules change at this stage.

Later still. The same old I don't want to go anywhere routine, but finally out the door and on to the morning restaurant for a Valentine cookie, ice cream and coffee, feeling much better for the cool outside air. Getting out the door is the problem, actually walking about and doing whatever cures the condition in those first few steps out the door and this better attitude seems to last when I get back inside. So good, I guess. Probably something that I'm just now discovering, something everyone else knows from long ago.

Evening. Nothing on television. The head feels better, reasonably clear and such, so good. A bit of dry mouth an hour after getting home from lunch. The Valentine cookie? The ice cream? The coffee? Unsettling when it starts happening too often.

We'll see about sleep. Lights out by nine? Might. Haven't been able to watch anything on the tablet today, maybe that will hold through the evening and turning those lights out won't be a problem.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand approaching the Grand Lake theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.