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Here In Oakland

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February 17, 2014

You And Me Both
Monday. And so I went to lie down at eight-ten last night and got up thirty minutes after the alarm at six-thirty this morning, so a good night's sleep you would think. I would think. Obviously tired from what was a long weekend except it's still the weekend, this being President's Day (actually, Washington's Birthday as Congress never officially changed it to President's Day I learn from the news).

So good, one would guess. I wish I'd remembered over breakfast as I'd have spent more time with the papers, but got up and left at eight thinking the meters had started running. Another lapse? We'll say not really. The sun is rising up over the buildings across from my apartment windows and the day is looking good.

I did note a tagger had gotten to the temporary fence behind the apartment construction site. Not much of a tag, but it adds a little late night chicanery to the neighborhood. They've also posted a notice saying they're building a 68 unit “affordable” apartment complex. Sixty-eight units? Affordable? For the Bay Area, I suppose, given what's happened in San Francisco and what's now happening here in Oakland.

Later. Another short morning walk over to the lake to take another picture or two. There seem to be a number of personal trainers that show up with their students by the white columned pergola, not sure if they represent a very small or just a small number of trainers in the area. You hear of them, but I'm not sure how many people actually use them and the number I see might not be representative. If that makes any difference in the world.

Took this one for the tongue. I hadn't quite understood how large a goose's tongue. Now I'm better informed.

Now you can interject it to liven up conversations.

Do tell.

More of Ms. Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction. It's starting to get scary as we're obviously well on the way to destroying diversity in the oceans. No more corals, shellfish and too many other species to mention, this coming by the end of the century once the Ph reaches 7.8: after 7.8 the oceans are no longer what we've been calling oceans, the Puget Sound I remember no longer Puget Sound. I must admit it's gotten my attention.

So, early afternoon. No desire to go anywhere, but a need to get outside the apartment. Where to go, what to do? Haven't had Korean food in a while. Maybe? Probably not. No ice cream though. Dodged a bullet last night, but barely. Be a while before short term memory loss and hubris allow me to have it again.

Later still. Out the door deciding to check out the bagel shop on Lakeshore, see if they had any of their yogurt parfaits left (and any outside tables available on a holiday). I don't know if they had any yogurt as the tables were full. OK, a walk then back around to the morning café, the sun out and the weather fine.

A small portion of potato salad and a lemonade for lunch, a walk then back to the apartment, catching this picture, a snapshot gotten off before the people who were walking by me to the left appeared in view. Nice. Other than all those people in the background. It often happens, this passing by people talking pictures, photographer and model. It often makes me feel less conspicuous, the one wandering photographer out there all the time with a camera.

Less conspicuous? Really? Do you even think about that?

Not really. It occurs to me sometimes. There's always just a bit of paranoia that passes through the mind to jack you up. Just in case of, well, who knows?.

Back now to listen to the news and introduce myself to the guitar. We are behind on the guitar as we often are after a long photo weekend, more for the time spent processing than the taking, although the taking tuckers me out. It does these days, anyway.

Evening. They've replaced Scott & Bailey with two Inspector Morse episodes this evening so I suspect I'll get to sleep well before ten. I've enjoyed them in the past, but I'm not all that sympathetic to the Morse character. I like opera, my parents had the exact same model Jaguar that I was allowed to drive back when, but that's not enough. An Inspector Lewis, sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if, someday sooner or later, I went off on poor old Lewis as well.

Cranky old duffer.

You and me both.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.