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February 3, 2014

Over And Over
Monday. I essentially watched a Netflix movie last night on the computer with the game running in the background, a movie I realized I'd seen before when it got to about the middle, the scene bringing back vague memories of having seen it before and then recognizing one or two points more as it came to a conclusion. Doesn't matter the film, but how long ago had I watched it, how long has it taken for me to so thoroughly forget its characters and plot?

Ah, well. It wasn't made all that long ago, a year or two (or three) I'd guess. Not sure it's important, the problem they say is in not remembering that you'd forgotten them, not so much the forgetting itself. Similar slip with dropping off the rent check last night, deciding to run some of the trash downstairs to the containers in the garage and then remembering it was the second of the month, the rent due on the first.

No big deal, no one's worried, nobody's making phone calls, but still. You'd think the first of the month being the day to pay would be engraved in the brain. I've done this once or twice before, never remembering more than one or two days late. At least I suspect others in the building, youngsters, have done the same. I suspect.

Slow getting up, but off to breakfast and back on a cold crisp morning, sun today, they're saying no rain until later in the week. If we get any at all. Feel pretty good sitting here babbling on with an anti-fracking demonstration downtown later at noon. I'll go and take photographs. Something to look forward to.

Later. And so an hour's nap, I needed a nap, before taking a bus downtown to get off at the City Center at quarter of twelve to find some fifty people forming up in front of the Federal Building for the anti-fracking demonstration. I'd thought about not bringing two cameras, but realized there'd be no problem once I was out the door and so brought them both, one over the arm, one in the backpack.

And so?

And so we managed to shoot enough photographs for a web posting in an hour and a half before walking to the Broadway ATM and then most of the way home, catching a bus finally and staying on it to the morning restaurant for lunch at two in the afternoon. I was hungry and (I guess) without thinking made the mistake of having a turkey with Swiss cheese sandwich, ice cream and lemonade. I suspect it was the scoop of chocolate chip ice cream and possibly the cheese, but not the plain waffle with fruit I had for breakfast, that did all the damage.


A walk home to take another nap, really tired after the running around, but not before processing about half the pictures. An hour in bed really didn't solve the problem, I was still tired, so up again to continue with the photographs and to sink into a full blown ocular episode, the world sneakily twisting itself into a pretzel and leading me along for quite a while before I realized the day had gone weird when I found myself getting up to check the television to see if the issue I was having in Photoshop wasn't somehow displaying itself on the screen in the living room. It occurred to me this was probably not rational behavior.

Another nap.

Evening. Two more Scott & Bailey episodes starting later at nine and so we won't be getting to bed until eleven. More work on the photographs between sessions on the guitar (our lesson tomorrow) feeling much better than I had this afternoon. Could some chocolate chip ice cream really do all that so soon after eating it or am I hung up on the food? Maybe in conjunction with being so tired after all the walking and shooting?

We've gone through this before.

We have. Over and over.

The photo up top was taken at Lake Merritt Sunday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.