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February 26, 2012

Sunday. We are well, reasonably well, given the circumstances, although we've haven't yet quite gotten to the “get of the hospital free” card stage. To bed before nine last night, up after six-thirty, running a little slow with a touch of fever. Kind of that humid feeling you get when the body has upped the temperature, even though the air outside is still quite cool. Not a good sign to feel too warm and humid when it's cool.

So, what's ahead after what seems to be a decent night's sleep? A nap, I think, just to be careful.

Later. An almost two hour nap that's done some good. The late morning now and I feel better. We'll pull the various pieces of the brain back into the hanger and see if we can't get out for a walk. A slow, let the people pass you by, walk. Not quite an old man's shuffle or anything like that, but a take it easy, shoot a couple of pictures walk. And see how it stumbles.

Later still. A walk down to the morning café finding all the tables taken out on the patio, a walk farther on to the supermarket for orange juice, cottage cheese and sake, a walk back by the café to find that all the tables were still taken, so a walk the rest of the way home. Something like two miles, which gets in the walk for the day and, yes, with some time now to spend with the guitar. “Hello guitar.” I was able to get it in yesterday without much enthusiasm, although the fingering got better. Getting over a cold, we are. And making progress.

Evening. The day has gone OK. The sake has been consumed, the head and attitude are good, I probably should have eaten more than I've eaten today, but otherwise things seem to have come to a reasonable balance. No pictures really, one or two just to press the shutter, and an evening ahead with a little TV. No Oscars (probably), some guitar and an early bedtime. Unless.

Lake Merritt taken with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 180mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens.