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February 21, 2012

Sounding Better
Tuesday. Up before the alarm, to breakfast and back, the sky overcast but some sun now peeking through. They were saying partly cloudy today (which often starts with overcast, but turns out well) and then sun through the weekend. Good. Guitar lesson tomorrow, an outing down the coast with the photographer Mr. G who's visiting the area with his wife. We first made and then have kept contact through the web, but this will be the first time that we've met in person. I'd guess an interesting conversation and a few pictures ahead.

Feel decent. I'll get out later, have no idea where, but that's my usual situation. Need some pictures, but I have a camera. I do. I can put something together.

Later. What started out as a short walk just after nine over to the lake and back developed into a walk that doubled back along the lake to the sanctuary area itself and a couple of pictures with the D2X mounted with a 180mm f 2.8 lens. Which means it was the equivalent of a 270mm f 2.8 that gets you closer than most of the stuff I use and takes a decent picture. Must remember to use it more often.

So, again, a walk by the bird islands noting what looked to be three Canadian geese upset with one another, two on one with the one more than holding his own, all the geese within honking distance honking along with the fracas. I've often wondered about some of the display modes they go through in groups and alone, what they might mean, how they're used. I didn't really get a picture - too far away - but again, an added interest.

Back now after lying down for a while. I'm not really interested in food at the moment and besides, I came in two pounds over target this morning (I was expecting that) so I can't use food as an excuse to go out again. Just head out the door is usually the solution.

Still overcast, but some rays of sun. Fairly cold, as I was walking earlier, cold to the point I thought of heading back, but settled for avoiding areas of shade. The temperature was just balanced on the edge of sun and shade, shade too cold, sun warm enough. Hup. Whatever.

Later still. On the edge of perhaps getting something. I'm afraid. The nose a bit stuffed up, the body feeling as if it were at the edge of being cold, the kind of feeling you get before you experience chills. Not there yet, not so close as to be sure, but I've been lying down on and off over the last couple of hours and have the wall heater going on a day I normally wouldn't. We'll see. If it is something it will tell me soon enough.

I had a slight sore throat or something perhaps better described as the precursor to a sore throat these last two mornings, but it's been gone by the time I've finished breakfast. By itself nothing to think too much about, but combined with whatever this is I'm feeling now, it may be telling me something is taking hold. Slowly, I have to admit, but it brings back memories of symptoms similar to these I've experienced in the past. How well do I remember the past? So we'll see. As I said, soon enough. Not a lot of subtlety once you're sick.

Timings not good.

The timings never good.

Evening. Well, who knows? The morning should tell. I may wake up in the morning sick, I may wake up in the morning well. Whether I make it to the guitar lesson will tell.

I didn't go out later in the afternoon, I've played enough guitar, I've watched a subtitled Maigret made in the 50's: not only no cell phones, but no dial phones, the calls being placed through operators to phones with a village name followed by a two digit number.

I remember the same thing near Edmonds, north of Seattle, when the family first moved there in the late forties. It was replaced with a dial phone not long after, but placing a phone call had a whole different feel.

So to bed. Enough guitar to say I've gotten in my time, the two assignments in reasonably good shape, although I still can't quite make a couple of the chord changes quickly enough. Over and over: practice, practice. How to move the fingers, how to move the hand. They're all sounding better.

2012 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.