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February 13, 2012

Thinking Tomorrow
Monday. What did I do last night that caused me to get to bed just before eleven? I can't remember. Something no doubt totally unimportant. Anyway, up this morning just before the alarm by six, to breakfast and back by eight, checking yesterday's entry for errors (of every kind) before posting. And there were errors (of every kind): some interesting, some embarrassing, some undoubtedly not caught. Doesn't seem to much matter as I don't seem to do anything about it. (Hup!)

Overcast with rain, the weather people saying no predictable sun until Wednesday, but we can deal with that. I've had my never ending list of things that “absolutely need to be done” sitting at my side now forever, although lately I've been surprised to see it getting shorter. Cross one or two off today? I won't hold my breath, but I can surprise myself. Sometimes before noon.

Later. Ordered a desk chair, a good one, from Amazon. It will arrive day after tomorrow. I ordered my last one from Sit4Less, but the chair, one with their own label, lasted for less than a year and they said too bad when I called to see if it could be fixed. My fault, they said. Well, it was my fault: I bought one of their chairs. Easy, if expensive, to fix. That was last year, of course, the one that snapped yesterday I've had since my Napa days at ComputerLand.

A break in the clouds. Sun. It doesn't look promising, but there's a patch of blue overhead although I can't check for clouds to the west from my window to see what may be coming. I'll go outside.

OK, a quick walk bundled up in case of rain. A chill wind, but sun, with clouds in the distance coming in from the west. Just enough time to get outside, walk along the lake and loop back to the apartment. Not enough to call a real walk, but at least some fresh air, a break from guitar practice.

You've started your practice this early?

Need to, I haven't been all that good this week. I play every day, but not necessarily the lesson and, so far this week, too many times not enough to call them proper practice sessions. I broke a string yesterday and restrung the guitar, somewhat derailing what had been until then a good attempt. Still, the guitar sounds better (even if it doesn't sound better, restringing makes you think it does) and I've been running through this week's song (I Can't Explain by The Who). Just the chord sequences, but the change in finger positions between one or two of the chords is awkward and it takes practice to keep the beat while still making a recognizable sound. Yes it does. Practice, practice.

And sake.

It certainly helps. I've been thinking that very thought, funny you should bring it up. Good for a couple of more angst ridden paragraphs before the day is over if nothing else.

Photographs, will it rain and should I have another cup of sake. I'm not sure that's the best description of a life well lived I've heard lately.

You live yours, I'll live mine. I pass more than one poor soul on any given day who's living on the street this winter. Gives perspective. The head aches a bit, but it doesn't hurt. The sleep can be fitful, but I get as much as I want in a warm bed between (mostly) clean sheets. The rent is paid, the camera batteries are charged and no one has yet to knock me down and steal them. Life is more complicated and less wonderful with a dent in your head. One has many things to be thankful for, including that desk chair due to arrive day after tomorrow. We'll not carp, not today, not tomorrow.

Later still. No rain and some small amount of sun. I've been practicing, asking myself why I hadn't done more over the weekend (there was a parade and that time spent with the photographs) when it seems so easy once I get started. Still, how many times have I asked myself this question?

I remember talking with the apartment manager about getting rid of old furniture and some of the rest of this crap. How much can it cost? How much relief once it's gone? Another line item on the list of things to get done. Is is getting shorter, but slowly, as is my maddening habit.

Evening. Some of the dry mouth funky headed stuff just after five lasting for about an hour, lying down to give it a rest. Same time, same place, two days later. Maybe we'll see more, who knows? Still, much of the evening left ahead that I can put in on the guitar (those chords aren't getting any better). A good evening, otherwise. A haircut tomorrow. I'm thinking of having her cut it short. The same thing I was thinking last month. And the month before. One day it's going to happen, I suspect, and tonight I'm thinking tomorrow.

Pretty exciting stuff to be thinking on a Monday evening, don't you think? For an old fart?

2012 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.