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February 2, 2012

A Little Guitar
Thursday. For having gone out and eaten sushi and sake last night, the evening went very well and this morning has been just fine. A little late in getting to bed (I couldn't sleep), but still, up with the alarm and to breakfast and back ready for the day. (Hey.)

The usual problems straightening out yesterday’s entry, not that I particularly succeeded, but there's only so much time I seem to be willing to spend editing (fixing it so it makes sense). The morning is clear with a bright sun, the weather people saying it will last at least through tomorrow, and I have a lunch date with Mr. D and Ms. Y at noon. More sushi and sake, but at Ozumo's this time over at Broadway and Grand. A bit more upscale than my “all you can drink” sake emporium a hundred yards or so down the street. Not that I partake in their “all you can drink” entrée, mind you. I've learned something over the years.

As in don't drink sake out of a small wooden box that has your name burned into the wood?

An enticement, let me tell you. A stroke approaching genius on their part.

Later. Very nice. Ozumo is a large, very nicely put together restaurant and sushi bar that's a bit pretentious, but with large comfortable spaces and decor of a kind you find written about in architectural magazines. We had a couple of “flights” of sake, three small cups with different, but related sakes in each and an excellent lunch followed with dessert. I'm a little buzzed, but clear headed and feeling good. Life in the fast lane over here in Oakland. Where my local sushi restaurant is a funky, but unique experience, Ozumo is upscale, pretentious, but it too, in it's own way, unique. No complaints.

Later still. After the sake a nap was in order, which was nice. Up, thinking I needed to pick up necessary items at the pharmacy and give them the new health care provider information (boy have I been putting this one off), so a bus downtown and back, just like that. An ice cream cone from the 7-11 look-alike on the way, home now with the evening ahead. Guitar, I think. We're making good time and possibly some progress.

No sign of the floating Occupy cottage on the lake as we passed earlier heading downtown, so I assume they've been busted. Not surprising. I was surprised they lasted for even the two days. Too bad, no press that I've seen mentioning their presence after putting what I'm sure was a lot of effort into it.

Evening. A Netflix movie that I managed to get all the way through. I wasn't sure what I was watching until I got into it and suddenly realized is was a vampire movie that I'd seen a Swedish subtitled version of some years ago with friends in a local theater, somewhat popular at the time, this one (not sure if it was made before or after the Swedish version) easily as good (and in English). My, my. To bed early after a little guitar.

Splash Pad Park taken with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor G lens.