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February 27, 2011

In A Nap Crap

Sunday. No matter how early I may go to bed, I still seem to drift off closer to midnight than the preferred eleven or better ten as I did last night, getting up this morning at seven. Still, feel pretty good, the sun bright and intense, the air cold, back now from the papers and breakfast before nine. I'm up for more progress on these various photographs and artandlife sections I've been working on over these last several days, feeling good about doing all of it. No complaints about any of this, let me tell you.

So now that we've started with the morning “hups”, let us get back to the more mundane. I've been spending time every day on the guitar, but I need to do a really thorough session today with the chords. We're doing chords, sixteenth notes and such, and I'm learning if I don't spend enough time with them I don't learn. Learn: a small fly in the ointment is my thought. In order to learn how to play the guitar you have to play the guitar. My, my. Maybe they should put a warning sticker on Strats. Just kidding. But for the part where I'm not.

Even you are too old and experienced to get away with saying that. You know how it works.

I'm too old for many things anymore, hard to keep count. Nice to be reminded of something I'm still supposed to know better than most. Practice makes perfect. The stuff they teach in kindergarten. Apparently many aspects of my development are still stuck in my very early years, far behind everyone else. Maybe a hearing problem? Missed the “practice” part?

Later. OK, it's noon and a page has been posted of yesterday's Wisconsin support rally in front of San Francisco City Hall. They're not all that good as photographs, one or two are OK, but they're OK in the documentary sense, not to mention giving me another lesson on how to shoot these things. Faces are important to me. Get in the signs and the crowds, yes, but find an interesting face or two in each photograph to draw the eyes and the interest. (Hup! Hup!) I have more I'm working on, not the rally pictures, they're done, but I do want to finish the Rip Off Press section and add another page to the studio pics. We'll get there pretty quick.

Can't think where I'd like to go for a walk, but I've been in here all morning on the computer, time now to get out.

Later still. Much warmer out there now. A bus downtown, a walk down to Jack London Square with a meandering walk back through the farmer's market and up Chinatown, stopping for a piece of cheesecake. A bus then back to the apartment with more than enough walking for one day. Not too much, but close. Although I took a number of pictures, some of them duplicates of pictures I've done in the past, I did find one or two that I liked, yes, but realized at the time I took the shot I should have gone back and taken it again from a lower-other-better angle to better emphasize the mannequins. But I was lazy and didn't want to get down on the ground. Such is life.

“Such is life” is maybe more than a bit overdone here as well.

Thus and so.

Evening. What I'm pretty sure was a lightweight ocular migraine event that lasted about half an hour in the middle of a two hour nap just now. Very dry mouth. The better terminology I'm guessing is migraine “event”. You hear migraine, you think someone's head hurts. “Ocular” migraines don't involve headaches you say? OK. Something to do with the vision, the eyes, little bright spots? Event implies something closer to what mine seem to be, more an odd drug-like weird flight to someplace strange where the world doesn't act in any way in which you've been accustomed to dealing with. I use an LSD trip as an example, an example in both the strangeness and intensity of the “trip”, for those who may be familiar with the things. (No doubt in an earlier existence.)

That doesn't really explain it very well either.

True. Let's just say it's both potent and unusual and I hope they don't get any worse. They seem to be decreasing in frequency, duration and power and I'd like to keep them on that track, I've had enough of this visit another world while you're in a nap crap.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2011 Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.