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February 25, 2011

Snow In Oakland

Friday. I had dinner at the sushi restaurant at the bottom of my hill last night, the usual fare including a large hot sake. Went back to the apartment for about an hour before catching the bus downtown for the B.B. King concert at eight, dropping by SOMAR on Telegraph to kill half an hour before heading next door to the Fox. Mr. R was there, an old friend from the APL days, one of the owners, so we said hello and he bought me a couple of Irish coffees to, um, fortify myself against the rain and the cold.

The usher said there were no rules about bringing cameras, I could have brought one with no problem. So much for checking to see how B.B. runs his concerts on the web. The two I read said he was strict about pictures. Such is life. A good seat, six rows from the stage on the isle, a good show with a really tight backup band. B.B. does a monologue - funny, interesting, but finally a little much - in between the music and I was good with that for about an hour and a half before leaving to catch a last bus.

So I've seen B.B. King live in this life at the Fox theater. We'll leave it at that.

In bed by eleven, an advantage to leaving early, but a night of waking up too many times to change position and relieve aching legs and sides and such. Not sure why. The alcohol? Could be. Who knows? Up this morning at seven, to breakfast and back by nine. It's cold out there and raining and the papers are excited over the idea we may well get snow on the ground come later today and tomorrow morning. The first since February 1976.

I believe I said 1978 yesterday, but checked another story in the paper this morning: 1976. Who really cares? Off by two years over three decades back? Why mention it? Call it a memory exercise, challenging myself to recall what I'd read in the paper one day before, and I seem to have failed the test.

So the mind is slipping into darkness?

No. Not yet. Just checking. Keeping watch (knock! knock!) Far from worrisome yet. (please)

Later. I did get the results in the mail from the annual PSA blood test they took last Thursday, checking to see if the prostate cancer was still dormant. No sign of it, ten years now without a peep. I believe the odds get better the longer it goes and so I'll put this one under the pillow and get excited again in another year when I have another one down in sunny Palo Alto. Sunny Palo Alto. Not my favorite place on the planet.

For what I was guessing was not much sleep last night, I seem to be in reasonably good shape. I've been scanning more negatives from the early seventies and making prints, working with the new Wacom tablet. Very satisfying doing touch up using a pen and tablet, happy to have gotten the damned thing.

A walk down the way to the local 7-11 look alike, not the best place to buy a lunch, but OK if lunch is to consist of an ice cream cone and turkey with cheese and crackers. Not a very big ice cream cone and maybe six or eight pieces of turkey, cheese and crackers, but I suspect a nutritionist would wince at the prospect. I'll finish them off with some of these swell frozen peas and corn, fresh from the freezer.

Later still. More scanning, more retouching, more prints. Feel good, got a lot done this afternoon and early evening. A good day. Now let's see if there's snow on the ground tomorrow. The afternoon has been brisk, but it's been sunny. Let's see what happens later tonight and tomorrow morning. Be interesting to photograph snow in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at Saturday's San Francisco Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.