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Today in North Beach

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February 15, 2008

I Surprise Myself
Friday. Back from breakfast at 10:30, sitting now at the computer with the sun streaming through the sliding glass door listening to NPR radio's Science Friday where a group of scientists are bitching over the fact the government changes the results of their studies to conform to current political doctrine. What's the use of political power if you can't squelch a bunch of egg heads who's studies are giving your contributors heartburn?

Well, why are you even listening?

I'm not, really. The day is fine, the head is doing its usual routine, but I'm feeling OK and I'll probably feel even better now that I've dropped a couple of these swell pills I keep up in the cupboard prescribed to me by my now retired (call me no more) neurologist. They seem to work. I take them when I remember and the mood is right. I get the prescription refilled when I'm out. Maybe they'll change my attitude about this NPR radio program (they're talking about, what else, global warming). Is our global warming? Of course, has been since the Industrial Revolution began and it's going to start causing unimaginable grief because by the time we do something about it we'll all be toast. Maybe that's why I'm fighting listening. Too depressing on a beautiful day.

Do you remember the Industrial Revolution? Yeah, neither do I. I believe it played a role in driving my grand parents and great great grandparents out of Iceland and Denmark to Seattle, but my parents never talked about it while I was growing up because they were Scandinavians. Notorious for keeping their yaps shut about most anything you might find useful in later life.

Aren't we wandering a bit?

Oh sure. Probably for the rest of existence. My existence. But meanwhile the day is swell, the days have been routinely hitting seventy degrees Farenheit (21 degrees Centigrade for the less parochial out there), how can I even think to complain? How about a trip to the zoo? How about I take the paperwork I filled out yesterday down to the local Social Security office as I planned? Yeah, I know, I know.

Later. I thought I'd mail two DVD movies back to Netflix so I packed a camera, mailed the movies and - what the hell, the day was nice - got on a bus. Then BART. Then a walk from the Montgomery Street station in San Francisco to Chinatown and then North Beach to see what I could see. Then back after what turned out to be a pretty good walk. I surprise myself.

The photograph was taken this afternoon in North Beach with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/2500th second, f 3.5, ISO 100.