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San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

February 19th, 2006

Go Into That
Sunday. We have President's Day off this year. An email out of the blue last fall: “we find we're not offering a competitive package in comparison with other companies in the area, so we're adding President's Day to the holiday list”. Strange in the sense it just came in unannounced, unheralded and unexpected. Who decided we weren't competitive based on what? Have we had people we wanted turn us down? No one's complaining. A three day weekend, after all, is nothing to complain about. An additional day sleeping in that extra hour. A day when you can take an afternoon nap. Ms. Emmy doesn't understand. She's ready to be fed at six and butts her head against me to get me up and out into the kitchen. But these are minor distractions, not worth mentioning.

Monday. I suspect - well, actually I know - that one element driving me to think of retirement this year is this mouth thing. If it were not for the aching, I'm not sure I'd feel any different (strength, clearness of head, attitude toward life) than I did ten or twenty years ago. Which is a good reason to go back to the medicos and see what they have to say. The reason for saying this is my current relatively clear headed not so sore headed state I got up in this morning, a condition that's lasted for the last three or four hours. A flash back, in other words, to what the world must have been like before I did whatever I did to bring this on. Diddle-dee-don.

And what does this new and improved condition let you do that you couldn't do, say, yesterday when you were feeling sorry for yourself?

Well, it allows me to sit down and finish this entry. You don't want to write, you don't want to do the focusing required to write with your head off kilter. One reason to think retirement might be a good idea: I generally feel better after a few days off. My guess is, even if the condition didn't relax all that much, without going to the office (stressful or not), I'd have the time and energy to write death defying prose and take better photographs, um, snapshots. Taking actual Photographs with a capital “P” would require too much effort. The writing too, but I'd rather not go into that.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens at 1/60th second, f 2.8 and ISO 100.