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Under Construction
A photo session in Emeryville

February 10th, 2006

Hand Basket
Thursday. I picked up the little nasal sprayer today and put a couple of shots up each nostril. The doctor said it may take a couple of days to show any effect. It seems to have opened up the nose - I thought the nose was wide open and breathing properly as it was, but evidently it wasn't - although I have no idea if it will really make any difference overall. Making you feel different is not the same thing as making you feel better. I still have a block of cement for a head, but at least it's a better breathing block of cement than it was this morning. Home this evening thinking I needed a nap. I will take a nap before retiring for the evening. Some things you can handle without a prescription.

Friday. Zip! and Friday is about to bite the dust. A good attitude for that, who knows if the day has gone better for the application of the nasal spray. I'm relatively hip to the placebo effect and the symptoms they say this stuff is good for don't really match my own symptoms, but what the hell? This is 21st Century America, we take drugs for everything. This is the first time a pharmacist has warned me my health coverage won't cover more than one refill a month. At forty bucks out of pocket with eroding, but what is still considered pretty good health insurance, I wonder what this stuff runs for regular folks? Probably adds to the psychological kick, this proscription on the prescription.

Proscription on the prescription is a little precious, don't you think? I take it we are drifting?

Probably. The Public Television News Hour is playing in the background and I am sitting here at the computer in an uncomfortable straight backed chair, the swell solidly built, rock back in it and put your feet up on the desk chair, the last of the three acquired from my old ComputerLand shop when it folded in 1985, are now history and I need to buy another. Quite honestly, if I were to have more than three or four guests, I would need to purchase more than one.

Wouldn't this be a head's up of some kind if you were to hear this said about someone else? Some indication he or she had, you know, less than developed social skills?

Yeah, but in that case the guy you were talking about wouldn't get it. He wouldn't have a clue because if he had a clue he wouldn't be in that fix.

So you do see it as a problem?

If I saw it as a problem, something I need to take care of, I'd make the necessary corrections. I'd buy more than one chair. I'd buy a couch, maybe, to go with these nice leather loungers I bought from Scandinavian Designs some years ago that are now starting to fall apart, built as they are of leather, yes, but with leather stretched over balsa wood frames and cheap American made plastic. When I was younger I would have said “cheap imitation Japanese plastic”, but even imitation, let alone real Japanese plastic is the real deal these days.

Where is this going?

To hell in a hand basket.

The photograph was taken at a studio in Emeryville with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/160th second, f 5.6 and ISO 100.