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Under Construction
At a recent lunch in Oakland

February 19th, 2005

To The Ocean
Saturday. It's raining pretty hard, has been raining pretty hard since just after breakfast. The San Francisco Chinese New Year parade starts at 5:30 this afternoon, an hour and a half from now. Looking outside my window I'm going to bag it. Not a good omen for what I generally consider the beginning of my photographic year? Probably, but I'm going to assume it isn't. A bad omen. You can get hung up on bad omens. I'm into a good coming year.

A funky day. I wrote about having a few drinks yesterday after work, but it was a very few drinks after work and whatever I suggest is “funky” at the moment has little to do with the few brews I managed to consume. Maybe those two orders of french fries we split between the three of us. Maybe this last week at work, a calmer more sensible generally feel good week at work, but maybe it still leaves you needing a day to recover. Or rain. Maybe rain makes for funky. Maybe the lack of photographs, not one all day, although I drove over to Telegraph near University and had a Caesar salad with a camera sitting on my lap. I felt funky sitting there on Telegraph Avenue. Good chicken Caesar, though. Bought a couple of CD's that duplicate lp's in my collection to play in the car. Listened to Loan Me A Dime driving back to the apartment. Old fart's music. Nice. Good investment, that CD player in the car.

That wine I talked about yesterday is pretty good, by the way. Not sure why the winery had to eat this particular Merlot and sell it for what is essentially nothing, but I'm benefiting from their problem.

Unless you drink it all in one sitting and die in a bout of delirium tremens.

Delirium tremens is about withdrawal from alcohol. The comment had more to do with a decent into some kind of alcohol addiction. Bad enough when you're young, downright disgusting when you're older. I do keep it to a couple of glasses, but I obviously wonder about it. Internal dialogue spilling into the journal. Little off the wall “do while” loops. As I get older they'll get tighter and more monotonous. Meanwhile, it's red and it tastes (and feels) pretty good.

As I look outside (it's now close to 5:00), it's drizzling. Actually, to be accurate, it's stopped raining, but the sky is dark and who knows what will be happening in the next five minutes, let alone over in San Francisco, which is, you understand, closer to the ocean?

The photograph was taken of a Valentine's Day window display in Old Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f2.8 Nikkor lens at f 3.5, 1/400th of a second and ISO 200.