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Chinese New Year festival in Oakland

February 5th, 2005

The Pictures, Though
OK, Saturday, lunch with MSV on Thursday, a couple of drinks after work on Friday with MRE and MRS, home by seven to watch Blow-Up which had arrived that evening from Amazon. Don't ask me why I ordered Blow-Up, a movie I remember (Julie Christie and David Hemmings) seeing in the theater when it was released, remembering I'd liked it at the time and that it was generally considered good stuff by our group of proto-anarchists and movie buffs.

Remembering something about it consisted of an image of Hemmings, a young London too cool fashion photographer, driving a Rolls Royce convertible at the beginning of the movie and cavorting with two young women who'd shown up on his doorstep expressing a need to get to know him better could they come inside? Cavorting with naked women who'd shown up unannounced on your doorstep was pretty arty stuff in the early 70's and so I, at the time, forgave the overly pretentious Rolls Royce. Good of me, don't you think?

Hemmings' character in the Blow-Up I saw last night seemed juvenile and pretentious (although that may be harsh as his character was, after all, a photographer; too much ego to stomach, but a photographer with a great studio/loft and, you know, like the car, English.) and although I'd say his character was pretentious in a way I myself have never been, I, of course, can't. Say that.

Anyway, cut to the chase, the ending was nice, nice to have the DVD, nice to remember the time and the place and the person with whom I first saw the flick. English, that lady, a participant in a little hipper version of that very London scene they were trying to portray who taught me to take the tobacco from a cigarette and, with three artfully constructed cigarette papers, roll it into a thing-a-ma-bob with a small folded piece of cardboard at one end and a sprinkling of hash in the tobacco at the other end to make it all come out right.

Which means?

Oh, I don't know. I started with Blow-Up, a perfectly rational beginning, lost interest somehow in the middle and muddled it up with the reference to an old friend and a tobacco hashish cigarette, something I haven't thought about in years. I think the mind is deteriorating, memories randomly popping into my brain and this journal is rapidly making less and less sense. Still like the pictures, though.

The photograph was taken at a Chinese New Year festival in Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 135mm f2.0 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.