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San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade.

February 27th, 2003

With The Cash
The web site is slower than slow this evening. I called the ISP and they said yes, I was on a server that was having problems. "So you're working on it." Oh, yes. We're working on it. I know about "we're working on it". I'm often working on it myself.

Back from a teeth cleaning at the dentist's. I was hoping he'd be around so I could ask him, in his experience, if a dizziness problem like mine could be caused by teeth, an infection, whatever. But he wasn't (around), so I didn't (ask). Inner ear testing on Tuesday. One slow step at a time.

Emmy still hides under the bed during the day and she only comes out to get up on the bed when I get home. Of course, she could be out gamboling when I'm away (a reason to get the web cam working), but I doubt it. There'd, you know, be paw prints or something. In the morning she's up and talking as she herds me into the kitchen. No problem scooting out into the wider world when it's breakfast time, but otherwise, it's under the bed during the day and up on the bed after I get back.

One thing. She's been throwing up the canned food after she eats it these last few mornings. More stains on the carpet. So I stopped feeding her canned cat food today to see how she relates to only eating the dry. I can try serving smaller portions, give her time to let it settle before I give her more, but I'm realizing from this experience how really old this had become after two years of cleaning up after Wuss. Not complaining about having a cat. What little I've learned, I've learned I'm supposed to have a cat and, evidently, to write about them here.

They don't care, you know, when you run their picture. They don't care if you describe their foibles, any more than they care when I describe mine. So I'll replace the rugs when I move, whenever I move. Make bigger deposits, be right up front. Life allows its little adjustments, its little accomodations, particularly if you can come up with the cash.

The photograph was taken at the 2003 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade.