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San Francisco Gay Pride parade.

February 16th, 2003

Of Course
Back from the 50th wedding anniversary party, which turned out to be a full blown, full dress, wham bam thank you mam wedding. Not just some rinky dink exchange of vows, you understand, but a full blown Catholic in the church wedding that went on for two hours, all of it in Spanish. The priest did allow me pretty much free reign shooting, though, in contrast with my last wedding, which, I have to admit, was nice. I was better at anticipating the flow, where I should be to, um, "get the picture", deliver the product. People seemed happy.

I started the afternoon with a touch of dizziness, after a clear headed morning, breakfast at the usual cafe down by the Grand Lake Theater, wondering how this thing was going to come off. Came off fine. Worked my butt off without any deleterious effect that I've noticed, ten rolls, half of them color. I hope some of them turn out. How did I get myself roped into this thing? I have no idea. The priest talked about the family - the church was full - how they'd made him welcome when he'd first come into the parish, his feeling being what goes round comes round. I wondered, as I was shooting, if I were part of the come round, a bit player with a walk on. "MSP needs a photographer", says a deep, pervasive, all knowing voice, "decent pictures at rock bottom prices. You've been chosen."

Why yes. Of course.

The photograph was taken at a San Francisco Gay Pride parade.