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Oakland City Center concert.

February 13th, 2003

Meow Myself
I was tired and dizzy today, so I went home two hours early, watched the three o'clock public television news from bed and finished reading the morning newspaper. This weekend is shaping up as quite a production. A couple of drinks after work on Friday with friends, the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade late Saturday afternoon, dinner later with friends in Oakland and the James Brown concert at the Paramount. Photograph a 50th Wedding anniversary Sunday. I'm curious if I'll survive.

Emmy (the cat) is still taking up residence under the bed. She'll come out and join me on the bed when I go to sleep, but she's not ready to join me yet in the living room. She follows me into the kitchen in the morning, ready for breakfast, things have their order of importance, but that's it: Two bites and back to the bedroom. Meow.

Later. I'm on call this week. A pager beep at ten to nine, get dressed, drive to the office to boot a server Asia needed online, back here half an hour later, still dizzy, still tired. Meow myself. Mumble.

The photograph was taken at an Oakland City Center concert.