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Near Lake Merritt in Oakland

February 20th, 2002

Photo Dead to Dying
Grendel still sits in her corner leaning against the living room wall. Haven't paid her much attention - What do you do with a mythic sword dropped through a time warp onto your living room floor by a knight in a fight? Wait for his return? - and I notice the small spots of rust have grown somewhat larger, more red perhaps, and Wuss has evidently peed on the blade as the rust is more obvious where he's made his mark. Hi, ho. Maybe you get more blasé about art and life (and magic) as you get older.

Furious pace at work. I've been able to come up to speed in the new job fairly quickly, although I have no idea what I'll think about these things in another few months. The word from the top is cut costs, cut costs, cut costs and us guys is costs, just like everything else. Of course I'm an old guy with a camera, an online journal and a mythic sword that sits against the wall in the corner of his living room. Do you suppose they'd be impressed if I mentioned it? Why yes, my thought as well.

I haven't shot a single picture. Not a roll to the camera shop. That should change with the Chinese New Year parade this Saturday. I'm going to try to get out at least once every weekend for the next month, somewhere I haven't been before. I haven't been to Marine World on the way to Napa, although I've driven past the park a million times. A good place to shoot pictures, I would think. I've thought of doing this, of course, for the last three years. What if I just do it and see what happens? Not so far to go, plenty of parking, I don't really care what the tickets cost. Photos of leaping fish and people on roller coasters. (Shot from a distance with a very long lens. No way you're getting me up on one of those things again. I don't think.)

This is another one of these "I'm going to do" riffs, isn't it? The problem is I cannot for the life of me get up the energy to walk the same routes I've walked a hundred times now looking for photographs. I remember going out those first few times and shooting everything in sight. Oooh! Funny looking reflection! What a weird brick wall! Look at that topless woman roaring down the street on her great big motorcycle! (Or was I hallucinating on that one? Hard to tell.) No thrill in the chase these days. Doesn't mean it won't pick up, I suspect it will pick up, but for the moment I'm photo dead to dying.

The banner photograph was taken near Lake Merritt in Oakland.