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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

S.F. Chinese New Year Parade

February 19th, 2001

Probably Tomorrow
I thought I'd lost two packages in a shipment from late last month that included a set of ink cartridges for my big Epson color printer and a package of 13" x 19" sheets of photo paper designed specifically for that model Epson. They arrived at the office, according to the shipper, on the 28th of last month, and I assumed, after checking with (it turned out they'd been properly delivered and signed for by our receiving department) they were gone. Such is life.

They were sitting on my chair today when I came in with a note from a friend down the hall saying he'd picked up the cardboard shipping box from the discard pile in the common area and had just opened it (he'd been saving it) last night and discovered it wasn't empty. If I mentioned this earlier, the fault was not's. Their system for telling you when things ship is tied tightly into the UPS tracking site and it's first rate. So I'll order some more. (End of spiel, and no, I don't own any stock in the company.)

One thought, though: 13" x 19" is larger than I imagined. Prints that big are going to be something. I've been going through my negatives wondering which one to run. Hot stuff. I'll probably futz around forever and be lucky to get one off before spring. Or this evening. I'm never sure.

Other than that, yes, our company works on Presidents Day. If you knew the name of my company you S.F. Chinese New Year Parade might be amused. The city was almost deserted this morning as I drove in and found a free parking space on the street not far from the office. Plenty of rain today, they say more on the way. A long day redoing screen shots in Illustrator and PhotoShop and I'm tired, not sure why I should be tired after what I thought was a good night's sleep. Such is life. Return home an hour early, futz around with this, get even more sleep tonight. I hear getting a good night's rest gets harder as you get older. If true, I'm not looking forward to it. Anyway, the beginning of another week in which I may have to do some actual problem solving and crank out more html. Better that than some other alternatives, I suppose, and no complaints, until, well, probably tomorrow.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. The quote is by Karen Horney.