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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

SF Chinese New Year Parade

February 7th, 2001

Oaks In Oakland
Had dinner with my friend, the IT manager from Seattle yesterday, so I drove into work, but I have been walking for six out of the last eight days. I'm still fighting myself in the mornings when I set out. I descend the stairs looking out the stairwell windows - sky clear? cloudy? sidewalks wet? - and the decision point arrives at the 2nd floor landing. Go through the door and it connects to the garage. Descend to the lobby and I'm out onto the street and walking. So far so good, but I watch myself as I descend those stairs like some person apart and wonder at the fact I'm never quite sure what I'll do until I've passed beyond that 2nd floor landing.

The muscles are less sore and I'm feeling better about the world for the exercise. Lots of stress at work, exercise is supposed to make it better, right? Says so in books. Must be true. I've been walking now for 18 months except for this last December when I just totally caved and that one month has sabotaged my commitment. What chance is there when I'm older, more forgetful and less ambitious? None. But tomorrow, you know, is tomorrow. I'll worry about it then.

I didn't make that phone call on the webmaster job. I guess I'm not ready yet. The office is still SF Chinese New Year Parade in lock step in some weird and irrational meeting with doom, the first sign today when a project thrown together by another IT section within the company was cancelled the day after its implementation was announced. The business people read the email that was sent announcing the project and shut it down on the spot. "You are planning to do what? Do you have any idea how absolutely stupid that is?" No more project. The next one rolls out into the void in March. It's larger and the reason it's going to blow up in our faces won't be apparent until it's well under way and then, maybe, it will be too late. Nobody listens. Nobody above a certain level seems to care. A train wreck in progress. We have free tickets and ringside seats. And I'm a railroad buff. Toot!

Otherwise, much to do, much to get done. Web pages to publish, copy to write, although they cancelled my order for a copy of Macromedia Flash. Hi, ho. No bouncing logos, no quick dissolves to gum up the pipes. Here under the oaks in Oakland.

I promised to send the banner photograph to the students in the picture and I've run some 8 x 10's that look all right. Posed, but not bad. The second photograph was taken of Market Street before the parade began. The quote is by Shirley Temple Black.