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She likes my journal !!

International recognition!

Ladies of the lab.
February 4th, 2000

Tonight, Sleep
Friday, early evening. Not the usual mind numbing feeling after a week on the job, but rather some equally mind numbing bright enthusiastic thoughts about possibilities for tomorrow. I'm a bit confused. Self is analyzing this condition looking for dementia or a fungus. The old infamous "Psychotropic Toes" from the sixties, perhaps, the only hallucinatory experience I recall you could terminate with a massive dose of Thorazine or a can of Desenex foot powder. But I digress.

Hope it doesn't rain. I had a roll of film developed today that had been sitting in one of my cameras since I went up to Seattle in early December, the first four or five photographs taken at my aunt's, the rest finished during this last week. The photograph at the top is the only one of any interest. Sloppy. Still, my enthusiasm remains. Self is jumping up and down, waving little flags and yodeling. I keep self in a box about the size of a mobile phone that yodels instead of rings. I still get rude looks in a restaurant. Tonight, sleep. Tomorrow, perhaps, photographs.

The banner photograph was taken in a lab at Summit Hospital.