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She likes my journal !!

Techie in my group.
December 27th, 1999

And It's Only Monday
The office sounds like a hospital ward. Cough city. People missing. I have been feeling fine, thank you, but late this afternoon I experienced a contact high sore throat. Sort of like finding god, only less intense. Didn't extend through into the evening, but you never know about these things. I had my flu shot, but there are many other brands of mayhem that don't get a lot of press on the loose right now and my office has managed to pick up a bunch of them. Lots of lame jokes about Y2K viruses and sinuses. In the immortal words of Mr. Wilson: "It's not the cough that carries you off, it's the coffin they carry you off in." This doesn't make sense, does it? Besides, Wilson said that after an unusually deep inhalation from the working end of a hash pipe filled with some very sticky stuff brought to us by a friend from London in a tooth paste tube. We were crazy. Of course.

I wrestled with my little piece on Annie Liebovitz's book of photographs Women yesterday. Went on and on without a resolution. The capsule account: Big book of Annie Liebovitz photographs with an intro by Susan Sontag on the subject of Women. Famous woman photographer, famous woman writer with lots of feminist overtones. With that load to carry it's a wonder they even thought about the project. Very good photographs, the famous faces better than the less famous faces. I guess Annie's had more practice with the famous ones. I'm happy to have it, I'm happy to have collections of photographs from which to learn something more of the photographic art. (Take this with the same gain of salt that I do, please. I'm a student, but a very lazy student.) It is not the end all and be all book of photographs of women. It is not the end all and be all feminist book of photographs of women, but it's a good book by a good photographer and I'm happy to have it. At an Amazon discount.

I mentioned the knees have been acting up on me lately, this starting just after I began The nice receptionist at work. walking the mile and a half to work every day. My feeling was this was not supposed to happen. A brisk, but not overly manic walk is supposed to bring you sweetness and light and a loss of at least five pounds even during the holidays, not knees that feel funny when I climb the stairs or get up out of a chair. I mentioned this to my sister on the phone Saturday and she said she'd had the same problem when she started swimming competitively again. I forget which, but one of the swimming strokes had caused the same problem with her own knees until she had a friend recommend something called Pain Free, a combination of vitamin like stuff that re hydrated the cartilage and made the pain go away. She said it took two or three days of taking the pills before it took effect. Today is the second day.

Three milestones in one: One, my first experience with an old people's ailment. Knees wearing out. I'm too young to have my knees wearing out. Two, my first adventure in buying old people's vitamins to cure an old people's ailment. I was thinking Viagra would probably be the first of these, although I was kinda hoping that wouldn't pop up for a while. Or not "not" pop up for a while. Three, and three is still waiting in the wings until tomorrow or Wednesday, my first adventure in vitamins that ends in failure. Or ends in success. I'm holding out for success, but I'm not holding my breath. Actually, I was thinking of another number three milestone when I started this, but I forgot what it was when I got here. They advertise vitamins for your memory too, as I recall, vaguely. If the knee stuff works, maybe I'll try some. Add to the never ending line of pill bottles I keep in the kitchen cupboard. Fast living in Oakland and it's only Monday.

Pardon me, but I'm going to go watch Ally McBeal.

The photographs were taken at the office recently. Beth in the banner didn't know there was any film in the camera when I demonstrated the new 35mm lens. It works.