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On the train.
December 14th, 1999

If There Is A Later
Well, the two rolls of black and white I unfortunately found in the bag I checked onto the airplane when I got home from Seattle seem to have survived the xray machine. The problem with xray machines (other than some new fangled ones they're installing at international airports that will zap your film black, my son, no question about it) is that the current cost less than a million dollar models you run into at domestic airports add a very light fog. Additional exposures add additional fog and the photography magazines have been publishing scare stories and ugly looking side by side examples recently that show the damage. So I was nervous.

The black and white contact sheets look crisp with good whites, but I don't want to make that mistake again, and, quite honestly, I've got to take a really good look at them this weekend to see if it's really true. I hand carried the rest of the exposed film through the on board check in station and they seem OK. Air travel is great, you just have to carry your film through the check in counter and let them look through the viewfinders on your cameras to be sure they really are cameras and pop the caps on the film canisters to be sure they're really filled with film. No xray machines to get on a train, I notice. Until somebody blows one up. So, I've made mistakes with the tickets and I've mistakes with the film. I need to get more anal. Or (repeat), a keeper.

I said some time back I was going to sign up for a PhotoShop class for photographers next month Vivienne and I didn't because I couldn't find one, there just wasn't anything in the Berkeley catalog listing one near Oakland. Looking at the prints I received today and then scanning their negatives reminds me why I wanted to take that class. The skin tones, particularly the reds in my scanned images, are pretty awful while the prints from the local camera store are pretty good. I'm not particularly depressed about this, but I would like to learn to do better, particularly since I want to buy an Epson photo deskjet next spring and make prints. I went through the photographs I've posted in my earlier entries recently and thought, well, the photographs are getting better with time because I'm (very slowly) learning more about PhotoShop, but I'm embarrassed about how slowly and how funky some of them look. OK. Something to work on. One reason, maybe, to stick with black and white. Learn it first, color later. If there is a later.

The banner photograph was taken through the train window on Friday. The picture is of my aunt Vivienne.