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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade
December 5th, 1999

Will They Notice?
Oh bag of chemicals that is man, what pills might release me from this woefull image of self sitting here in Oakland, California? What Mother's Little Helper might ease this never been a father's malaise? Zen tea in the kitchen? Teeth ripping amphetemine roaring like thunder through the back roads at night? Sour cream and chives, just a dollop, thank you, as I had this morning on my potatoes at breakfast? Sure. Why not? Load 'em up. Head 'em out. Another year ends as all years must end for those of us without the imagination or the gumption to get out of this endless fog. Onward, my son, onward.

I am listening to the background music in an advertisement playing on the television set San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. behind me: I Feel Free from the Fresh Cream album. There was a time when this would have been impossible. Now, except perhaps for Neil Young, because he boxed himself in by writing a song about it, everybody is licensing their music for a dot com or Ford automobile advertisement. The Who and whomever else. Silly thought, of course, all these many years later, that this would never happen. There were times when the idea existed that it was us versus them and now, thirty years later, them is moi. Over these years them have gotten old and died and us have gotten old and gone on to get rich playing the stock market so fuck these kids and their WTO fantasies. Worst case we give them a piece of the action. I Feel Free. Yes indeed. Free as the breeze. Free as the air on a sunny day in the summmer of '66, free as the clouds churned butter and gold above a local petroleum plant.

Life in the fast lane here in the Oak City. Little and less accomplished this weekend, but I'm rested and ready for tomorrow and whatever comes before boarding the train to Seattle. I called the vet Saturday and made an appointment to board Wuss. See how he handles his diet in captivity. Or will they notice?

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade last year.