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A famous birthday lunch in Oakland.
December 2nd, 1999

Do You Wassail Too?
The NT disk defragmenter didn't like the data on my drive last night (too much data, too little open space), so I ran it again while I was getting ready for work this morning and then left it starting on a third pass as I left the apartment. I may well have to reinstall all my software before this is over. Then again, maybe I can ignore it. Pain in the butt.

Tomorrow I have my annual dental check up. My dentist hasn't seen me since before the jaw operation and I wonder what he'll say when he looks inside. Will he even notice, and, if he doesn't, does that say something I should think about? Should a moved forward jaw be obvious to a dentist? I realize if I'd been smarter I'd have asked his opinion before I had the surgery. Not that I wouldn't have gone ahead with it, but I didn't even make the connection: jaw, mouth, teeth, dentist. They want to move my jaw. What do you think? Any, um, experience with this? Any lurid Crazy Sleep Doctor Runs Amuck! headlines pop out of your dental magazines last month? Should I buy insurance? Will I lose a sweet tooth?

Well, a reason to bring in my car tomorrow so I can drive to the appointment. A self indulgence to begin the weekend. My upper palate is numb, but I think it's better, more tender perhaps, less tender perhaps. Hard to tell. I guess it doesn't matter. I can chew OK and any improvement's to the good.

Not much happening otherwise. Y2K is picking up at work and we're reaching a period where What It Means To Live in Berkeley Parade. we really won't be doing much else until it's over. Last minute preparations throughout the world. The 24 hour a day crisis management phase will start on December 30th and end on January 5th if the computers don't bite us. Our company marks its first New Year at 5:00 in the morning on Friday the 31st when Australia marks midnight and begins its march through Asia. Another biggie on Monday morning when everybody returns to work. My group is assuming our own particular problems will come from virus attacks. Lots and lots of viruses brewing out there in the hacker world waiting for a millenium to start. Our offices upgraded BIOS chips and replaced non complaint desktops and laptops months ago. Two thousand new computers. Viruses are another matter. They could keep us fandango dancing for the rest of the month. Otherwise it's party party party. Christmas, you know. Long lunches. Wassailing in evening moonlight. Do you wassail too?

Ouch! No more beer for me I think.

The banner photograph was taken at a Dim Sum restaurant in Berkeley and the second photograph was taken at the What It Means To Live in Berkeley Parade.