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December 11, 2016

To Watch

Sunday. Lights out just before nine last night to awaken then at just after six. Not bad. No complaints.

No rain this morning, they're saying no rain until Monday night when we'll then get another couple of wet days. An easy drive to breakfast to have the Eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee, the day staring well. Home now, the sky overcast, but they're saying clear or at least clearer by noon. Need to go by an ATM, so we'll get in our walking pretty soon.

That Mindwarp draft to edit, a mattress and computers to prepare for pickup next Wednesday, so there are things to be done.

Later. Cold out there, even bundled up with sweater and winter jacket, but a walk to the Lakeshore ATM, setting out as always by the lake along Lakeshore and then coming back by the theater and Grand. Good to be back now in the warm. Reasonably warm.

Later still. A bath and then a nap to sleep for just under an hour. Still overcast, still reasonably cold and so television (a 49'ers game) and tinkering with the Mindwarp draft. It's coming along. I think.

Evening. What the hell, dialed into the Elementary episode half an hour after it had started after my talking about how clever I was in looking for it at the right time yesterday. Interesting to experience, but not surprising. More time on the Mindwarp draft, more time on the tablet, nothing on television this evening I'm willing to watch.

The photo up top was taken today by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 135mm f 2.8 DC Nikkor lens.