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Here In Oakland

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December 10, 2016


Saturday. Lights out before ten, but another uneven night's sleep to awaken finally at seven. OK, we'll drive and feed the meter, except I learned, when I inserted the card and the meter said today was a holiday, that the weekends through New Years Day are meter free. Encourages shopping. We want to encourage shopping. And breakfast.

And it was indeed raining, no way I was going to walk with or without the meters. The apple sausage with country potatoes, eggs over medium, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. When's the last time I've had an ocular incident to blame on having one or more of the banned foods for breakfast? Do we need to conduct another experiment? No more futzing around with “apple” sausage, go with the real thing?

You're not fond of the “the real thing”.

There is that. But their Crab Cake Benedict would easily do the trick.

Later. It's been raining hard through the morning and now into the afternoon, the weather people saying it may ease up later around six. Can't complain, we need the rain. Water. Reveals its real importance when you run short. (Not that I, sitting here, have had to “make do”, of course. Fewer baths, fewer flushes do not a hair shirt make.)

Our apartment manager let us know they've arranged a pickup of stuff we want to get rid of on Wednesday, “stuff” to include mattresses, computers and all manners of junk. I have the queen size mattress to get rid of, some four or five computers along with a bunch of other stuff. Old computers, but computers I need to pull the hard drives from in case they have images on them I might not want to lose. Not a big deal, but I've been worrying over this and now the chance has come. We'll pull apart two of the computers this afternoon. Well, this weekend. Pretty soon.

Later still. The rain dialed back enough to get in a walk over to the lake to look again at the Ghost Ship memorial in the pergola and take a few pictures, more to get outside for a short period than anything else. Some few people about, but fifteen minutes or so was enough and so back to the apartment to spend the rest of the afternoon futzing with the Mindwarp draft. My first brief read through had given me the impression it was OK, needed some tweaking, but further reading saw it needed much more and so the time spent this afternoon. We'll spend more time later today and I'm sure tomorrow.

Evening. For the first time in some time I remembered (in time) the fact that an episode, sometimes two, of Elementary often plays on Saturdays around five or six and so dialed in to see whichever one it was from the beginning. No memory glitch this weekend! Except they're not running today. Hey.

The photo up top was taken yesterday approaching the Ghost Ship memorial at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.