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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


December 7, 2016


Wednesday. Lights out at a decent hour, but sleeping in until just before seven to get up and head out the door into the now light morning. Cold, but dressed for the cold, and so a decent walk to breakfast to have the corned beef hash (country potatoes, eggs over medium, sourdough toast), fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Corned beef hash. How long has it been? Been a while since it's on the ocular migraine to be avoided list. The best I can say in my defense is the experience with it has been mixed.

A walk home. Still cold, construction continuing on what I believe is to be a bar next to the book store, another picture of the flowers below the school. I've learned by now the 24-120mm lens is not the best lens to be using in getting them in sharp focus. Or is it I and not the lens? Both?

You are wandering now.

A haircut scheduled for noon and then a Protime blood thinner test afterward. I've been out of range these last few tests and they've had me varying the dose of the blood thinner in the mornings, taking the test every two weeks to check how we're doing instead of every four.

Later. Overcast and cold, they were saying rain later, but nothing to indicate it might come while we were out getting the haircut and the blood done. A bus to the ATM on Broadway and then another bus to the City Center where I had a pastry and coffee, as I'd arrived early.

Got the haircut, ran right into a bus to the lab, waited for ten minutes before having the blood drawn. First in line. Just after lunch seems the best time to arrive and not have to wait in a line.

Back to Grand, a very light rain had started as I left the lab. Hoped it wouldn't come down any harder on the way home, hoped there'd be a bus when I got to Grand. And there was. Home without getting too wet, the heat running now as I sit here in a pretty good mood. So it is, here in Oakland on a Wednesday, watching whatever on television.

Evening. Watched the second half of a session that started yesterday on Democracy Now!, Noam Chomsky and Harry Belafonte in conversation. Laid down and continued watching two (or three or four) things on the tablet when it finished. I watch tablet movies and series in short sessions. Probably wouldn't watch any of it if I had to finish one before starting another. Don't know if others find themselves viewing them in the same way or not.

A couple of Death In Paradise episodes I've seen before that started at eight and didn't need to see them again. Charlie Rose wasn't all that enticing and so to bed. Raining now, they're projecting rain through Sunday morning. We may be driving to breakfast in the morning.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast yesterday morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.