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Here In Oakland

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December 6, 2016

On Bed

Tuesday. The gathering down by the lake to commemorate the victims of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire could be heard until after ten last night and so lights out after ten to awaken not long after six, getting up easily enough to set out bundled up against the cold for breakfast. The Grand Lake theater marquee was commemorating one of their own whom, they seemed to be saying, perished in that fire.

A decent breakfast, the Eggs Benedict again with the usual fruit cup and coffee. My antipathy for food seems to be holding, so I'm guessing it's here to stay. No surprise I'm afraid.

A walk home, another picture of the theater marquee, to arrive thinking I could do one needed load of laundry and put off doing the rest until the laundry detergent, due for delivery tomorrow, arrived. Yes, I ordered laundry detergent (and some other stuff) online. We do live in another age and I seem to be adapting.

Did the one load of laundry, although I'd started to feel like crap after I got home. If I'd felt better I suspect I would have done more, taken a chance there was enough detergent left in the large container I had on hand, a “container” designed in such a way you can't see how much remains inside. But feeling like crap dictated the one load, putting the remaining two or more likely three loads off until tomorrow. At least that one load is done, washed and dry.

Later. Tomorrow's package arrived today at noon, a day early. Feeling much better after this morning, maybe do the rest of it now? Another three loads? Maybe? If this were a rational world?

It turned out there was enough soap left in the original container to do two of the three loads left to be done, those two loads now in the wash. Still, they are running and all the laundry will be done today.

Received an email with an attached draft of Mindwarp, a book on the life and work of comix artist and friend Dave Sheridan, a book that's been in the works now for some time and due for publication next year. I worked with the author some time ago on a short section describing Dave's stint as art director of the Rip Off Review of Western Culture and I now need to review it before publication. With this one I'll spend whatever time's necessary to get it right.

Evening. Democracy Now! began with a speech by Noam Chomsky, listening to it with interest after having heard the first half of it this morning when I got up. It was given at a twenty year anniversary celebration of the founding of Democracy Now!, held last night in the Riverside Church in New York City where Martin Luther King gave his first anti-Vietnam speech some fifty years ago.

On and off tired, this day. Not sure why. We'll check Charlie Rose out of habit later at eight and either watch, if it's of interest, or go right to bed. I'm betting on bed.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.