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December 18, 2015

And Done

Friday. We finally read the colonoscopy instructions in detail last night before lights out at ten. We make minor changes to the diet today and tomorrow before stopping eating altogether to drink the, um, diuretic on Sunday and Monday and so awake this morning at six-thirty thinking we'll have a good breakfast both today and tomorrow. The “to be avoided” foods aren't foods I usually eat, things with seeds, nuts and the like. Oh, and no fiber pills. Evidently they don't flush easily.

That's more than enough information, I would think.

Overcast and so not so cold, they're saying rain later today. A walk to breakfast and back (had the pork chop, well trimmed as per instructions, with the eggs over easy, potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee) passing a line of people across the street at the Grand Lake theater. A line at eight forty-five in the morning? Ah, Star Wars, there'd been a picture of yesterday night's line at the Grand in the Tribune this morning. A long line waiting on the day it's released you expect, but at nine in the morning? So some pictures.

Again, looks like the forecast rain is on the way, we'll see how we manage. Need some Latham Square pictures, maybe try to beat the rain this morning and get a set. Haven't taken a single Latham picture this week. Bad me. Procrastination.

Later. It's looking more and more like rain now that it's well into the afternoon. Hopped on the eleven-thirty bus to Latham Square and took a set of photographs. They seemed to be making progress with a fairly large crew actively engaged at just before noon.

Caught the twelve o'clock return bus with three minutes to spare to the apartment house construction site and took what photographs I could find. Nothing to show with the high fence in the back, although there was activity on the Euclid side. Thought about getting a pastry and coffee at the nearby Perch Café (not sure how you pronounce that), but they were out of pastries and down to their last two bagels, neither one of which called out my name.

Home now, errands for the day now done. Maybe put a construction site section or two up on the web. Otherwise we're sitting here eating this and that from the approved colonoscopy list. I suspect things aren't really going to settle out until after that thing is behind us. Pretty safe bet.

Evening. More time on the tablet leading us to New Tricks, one I suspected I'd seen before, but didn't quite remember who'd done it. Still don't remember who done it as the sister called during the last ten minutes of the program and we caught up on the day and the doings. One day the program will repeat again and I'll probably watch it without a clue as to who, what, where or when.

To bed again with the tablet, lights out by ten, we'll continue with our last day of eating food before Sunday and the colonoscopy on Monday. It will indeed be nice when that thing is over and done.

The photo up top was taken while walking by the Grand Lake theater of people waiting in line for the nine o'clock showing of Star Wars this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.