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December 16, 2015

The Weekend

Wednesday. Another lights out just after ten, awakening just before six after a not overly uneven night's rest. I'd guess.

The morning cold and so bundled up in sweater, winter coat and scarf. Best that I'd turned around in the hallway and gone back for the scarf. It was needed. Cold enough walk as it was. Breakfast and then back to the apartment, again, the sun bright, the air cold, the day ahead. We have things to do today and maybe we'll get one or two of them done.

A bit cryptic.

I don't want to lay them out and then admit to failure later.

Later. Forgot to run the home Protime blood thinner test yesterday, not a first I'm afraid, but ran it this morning and dialed in the results to their automated answering system.

This is the last day I take the blood thinner pill in preparation for the colonoscopy coming up this Monday. I've mentioned I've had many of these in the past for a bleeding problem they were never able to identify that started in the mid-eighties and ran through into the early nineties, but haven't had one of them now in thirteen years. No big deal, but I've been mentally fighting the prospect. Not sure why.

A nap and then a walk to the burger drive-in for a grilled chicken sandwich. We're still under our target weight and hungry. Hungry's vote decided it. They make a good grilled chicken sandwich, burger drive-in or not.

Later still. Processed the few pictures I took walking over to get the chicken sandwich, one from the burger drive-in parking lot, one of the new Avévista sign now in place over the entrance. Most of the activity seems to be in digging up the sidewalk along Grand and finishing the retail outlet facades. Closer and closer to finished.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now to start the evening, checked Charlie Rose to see who he was interviewing, two movie stars, not interviews I'm interested in and so listened to Death In Paradise play in the background, one I've seen more than once, while I futzed with this and that on the computer.

One or two things on the list accomplished today, but still have the big one to bring off by the weekend. Not many days left before we reach the weekend.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the apartment house construction site at Grand and Bellevue with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.