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Here In Oakland

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December 8, 2014

On The Tablet

Monday. Lights out again after ten, seems to be the norm now, up with the alarm without particular effort to head off to breakfast on a cloudy, but doesn't look like it's going to rain morning. They're saying quite a storm coming by Wednesday night, so lets make the best of the two days we have to get outside and quite possibly take pictures.

You do repeat yourself with this “take pictures” business.

We keep it simple so our little minds don't become cloudy.

Nap time from the sound of it.

Later. A walk over to the construction site to see what they were up to. Lots of lumber has now been delivered and they're starting the framing for the third floor. I wonder how much cement and rebar will be used to raise it to its full five story height? Can they do the rest with wood? Shows you what I know about construction of this kind. Or any kind, I suppose.

Anyway, a few pictures before lying down to see if there wasn't a nap in there somewhere, an hour or so of drifting in and out of the fog, up now with the sun still peeking through breaks in the clouds. Maybe a run downtown to have coffee out in front of the bagel shop, maybe a run by the Broadway ATM. Maybe, maybe. It's eleven in the morning and the day has started.

Later still. A bus downtown for no reason at all, although I had coffee and a pastry out in front of the bagel shop during the noon hour. Best not to schedule such trips for the noon hour, not all that crowded today, but there were plenty of people about and waiting for a table to free up took more than a couple of minutes.

Which you used to get an ice cream bar.

Probably didn't need to mention that.

Back at the apartment the head went into an odd fuzzy state that required about an hour lying down in bed to straighten out. Not an ocular thing, not unlike others I've experienced, but who knows what is was or what may have brought it on? None but one of these things happened up in Portland, but who knows if that's a factor?

Anyway, the day starting again, some time on the computer finding an old photograph during the early days in San Francisco. More hair then. Another photograph of Ms. K, taken at the old Sausalito apartment. Good grief, so young.

Evening. There's a Korean “soap” that runs in the early evening I've been watching, chapter fifteen this one, that has all of the over the top, culturally different elements that put me off, but done in such an extremely cartoonish fashion that it adds, rather than detracts, this coupled with an interesting and reasonably serious treatment of the issues of overcoming fears and phobias, all set in a college student orchestra. I know, that doesn't really describe what I'm talking about, but I watched it this evening with continued interest. Maybe because it relates to my guitar practice (piano, violin, etc.) and to, well, life. Anyway, no complaints.

Then to bed at eight. Dear old Charlie Rose had another V.S.P. (Very Serious Person) interview with a member of the current administration starting at eight and I get enough of that reading the newspapers over breakfast. Time for bed (and maybe just a little more time on the tablet).

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 Oakland Childrens' Holiday Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.