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December 31, 2012

Year Is Done
Monday. New Year's Eve. A nice day, at least. To bed last night at nine, so up with the alarm without any effort before six, off to breakfast and back with not a whole lot of people out and about.

It has seemed an odd Christmas and New Year's with their dates falling on Tuesdays, creating what then seems close to a two week vacation, at least to one of the now retired. Not sure how the employed have handled it, how many days working people have been able to clock at home or on the road.

I did set out for a walk without an idea of where I'd like to go, crossed Grand to the lake, looked up and down - the air quite cold, even with a sweater and a scarf under the jacket - and then turned around and went back home. How's that for adventure on a Monday morning, the last day in the year 2012? Don't say it's typical, we don't need to bear any burdens of truth before making our New Year's resolutions.

Later. OK, we'll say these are winter-time blahs, the low end of the low light spectrum, spirits soon to be raised by longer days and shorter nights. Right? No effort required, the calendar alone will turn the head around.

A walk to the morning restaurant for a patty melt, ice cream and coffee at a table out on their patio, the inside tables full and people waiting in line. I'd dressed properly this time, the sweater and scarf, but a winter weight jacket instead of the light weight one I'd worn earlier when I'd headed out and then turned around. Nice and toasty, a bright sun, yes, but the air cold. The outside air, not the hot air inside of me. Deedle-dee-dee.

Some thought to go in and catch Django Unchained, as it was starting as I was walking by the theater, but no. Not even a glimmer of interest. Has nothing to do with the film, the feelings would be the same for pretty much any old film, good or bad; just again, the time of the year or the time of the life or something even more banal.

I've been following along on the fiscal cliff debate, waiting on the liberal side of the fence to see how this conservative President makes this move. He has, at least, seemed to be making some attempt to keep the economy from going down the tubes, something he hasn't pushed hard enough for in the past, although he's gold compared to what the Republicans are after or what they've been doing in Europe.

But, enough. We'll know later today or tomorrow. A never ending movie, in a sense, an ever changing Kabuki theater.

Later still. A nap. Tired. Better now, but I am looking forward to a better year. (Hup!)

Evening. An online Netflix movie this evening, as there was nothing on at six, along with some guitar before heading to bed early. The old year is done, a new one on the morrow.

The photo up top was taken of a window along Broadway yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 D Nikkor lens.