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December 23, 2012

Sunday. To bed early enough. I did watch the first half of a Netflix movie last night, but lost interest in the characters. Not altogether nice characters. My fault in choosing the movie.

Anyway, awake at six, early, but getting enough sleep after getting to bed at a decent hour. Off to breakfast and back on a rainy going to be even more rainy morning. Living in my little bubble I really haven't noticed how quickly Christmas has been approaching: tomorrow Christmas Eve, Tuesday Christmas Day. Hey. Maybe a good definition of what it means to be living in a “bubble”.

They're saying rain through today, maybe clearing tomorrow. Not sure what I'll do for pictures here other than to go back and find some (that fit) from earlier sessions. Still, the heater is on, the living room is warm and there are things to be done in the apartment. I say that actually being up for the idea, following through later maybe with some of them. I haven't mentioned the bedroom or the computer area in a while, but both have been making progress. Something of a Christmas miracle, even for an old agnostic.

Later. Rain, rain, rain. I'll say that. I must admit it's led this morning to getting a whole lot of stuff done, small tasks: tossing old magazines, moving books around, clearing out shelves, cleaning up the computer corner. All done with much yet left to do, but you do these things for a few hours and progress is noticed. Even someone who's not seen this place in a while might see a difference.

No way I'm going out walking in this rain and I'm not hungry enough to get in the car quite yet, but time will fix that. The morning café? Not sure they have anything on their menu that appeals. There's always ice cream, but even I occasionally draw the line. They say too much ice cream isn't all that good for you and I've heard enough through the years to believe them until the next batch of tests (financed by an ice cream company) proves them wrong.

Later still. The rationale I used to get out the door was there were pictures out lurking in the rain I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to take, so I bundled up and hung the small Nikon mounted with a 10mm lens around my neck under the coat. No umbrella to keep the hands free. Lunch was the idea, but it was the prospect of pictures that got me off my duff. Sounds good to me, anyway.

Raining, yes, but I discover only for relatively short periods, taking a first picture of the running rain water at the corner before crossing to the lake, fumbling with this I've had now for a while camera that I've never really spent the time needed to learn how to use. No excuses, but the walk and the one or two pictures may have encouraged me to learn more in a session later this afternoon. Open the manual, anyway. Find the manual.

Lunch at the usual place, a walk then back to the apartment, stopping by the book store to browse the photography books. How many times have I browsed these books and not bought a one? Too many times for the owners, I suspect, they not knowing how many books I bought when I was younger when the book business was better and people like me were more common. At least I don't see one I like and then go back home to buy it on Amazon. Such is the life.

Back along the lake wondering if I'd run into any of the people I sometimes give money to when I pass them by on the way home. Christmas is here and I guess I've decided to give out something more to people when asked than I've usually done in the past. I'm not sure what this is about, why should I fuss? Yes I'm a good fellow and deserve a gold star and a pat on the head, but why wrestle with it? I'm too old for this kind of crap. (And no, they were all smart enough to have gotten out of the rain, maybe we'll see one or two and follow through tomorrow.)

Back now, the heat blasting, into a hot bath.

Evening. Not sure what it was that was on television at six, but it managed to put me off within the first minute, so I fished for and then watched another Netflix movie for about thirty minutes until I again became frustrated and turned it off. I guess we will or won't play more guitar before hanging it up and going to bed.

That's your evening? No television so you're going to bed?

In my earlier years I read. A lot. Into the night. Didn't have a television set through much of it (another pat on the head). I could try picking up a book (I do still have a lot of those books), see if I can't get the Mojo back, but it along with other much loved habits have dissolved into the distance. I could indeed do more guitar, but you can only do so much guitar (as you may have noticed). Not sure what the solution might be, but I'm quite sure there's one out there and we'll see.



The photo up top was taken at last year's Children's Holiday Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.