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December 20, 2012

Before It's Ten
Thursday. Not so bad. Up before the alarm on a dark, but clear sky going to be sunny day, cold without being too cold. Well, cold enough, we did indeed dress for the weather. Off to breakfast and back to then sit and futz with yesterday's overly long and droning on entry before heading out for a haircut at ten, dropping by the Broadway bank ATM on the way. Hup!

Back now as it approaches noon, thinking of heading down to Bed, Bath & Beyond for plastic storage containers of various sizes to hold all the crap I've managed to put together from the computer corner. What a good idea, I'm thinking, a sure way to finish the task, the idea of a clean and orderly computer corner sizzling so nicely in the brain. We may do it. Yes, I'd actually be willing to bet.

Later. Maybe that was a good idea. Yes, I drove downtown and bought a number of plastic storage containers, the kind with pull out drawers that cost more than I'd been thinking, but do work quite well. I added a dozen heavy duty plastic clothes hangers to finish off the closets. Good. Not something I'd have gone out of the way to do otherwise. Same with the t-lights, another bag of a hundred, can't really have too many votive candles or t-lights in reserve.

But what to do now other than to pull the area apart and pack the things (I'll never need or use again) nicely so the area again looks orderly and functional and clean (if you don't look too closely)?


Well, we'll set about and do exactly thus, but I'd say after lunch if it weren't for the fact I'm not hungry. Hard to use a meal as an excuse to put something off when you can no longer sit down and eat, hungry or not. Every step forward, a half a step back.

You're getting spacey.

During the holidays you're allowed, as long as you don't do anything too stupid out in a crowd. Diddle-dee-dowd.

Later still. I mentioned the failure of the two hard drives, losing all my November photographs and, as I've just discovered, the very latest backup of my artandlife and HereInOakland sites. I'm not sure how, but it seems the loss has managed to screw up some of the online sections and I've spent well over an hour moving files up and down in putting them back together. I'll check a second time later to be sure everything's in place. Depressing and embarrassing, mostly the latter.

Evening. Ah, right. The Fat Friends thing is on at six, which I don't even want to think about watching, and there's a series of House episodes playing one after another on one of the other channels that run until Elementary comes on at ten. Well, plenty of stuff to practice guitar along with. I suspect a man who can admit to staying up late to watch Elementary can conceivably admit to watching most anything.

Hmm. I'm warming to House. Interesting set of interactions between the characters, it's probably interesting to write for the thing. Good luck though, even with the never ending endless mindless series of ads, there's another three hour episodes to go yet before it's ten.

Postscript. I don't watch much commercial television and I'm always surprised at the number and length of the advertisements. It's truly mind numbing. Welcome to the real world, Humpty Dumpty.

The photo up top was taken from a table at my morning café with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.