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December 12, 2012

Cares To Run
Wednesday. To bed again at a decent hour, but another fitful night's sleep, up well after the usual time at half past seven. What the hell, the day has started OK, off to breakfast and back feeding the meter.

I did have the pork chop breakfast, the single pork chop (they usually serve two), the half order or less of country potatoes, toast and coffee with their on the house mixed fruit for starters. Yes, I had the thought we were maybe playing with fire with the pork chop, it's had what I think are reliable ocular migraine after effects, but we are at our core still open to experiment.

Anyway. home now, feeling the ocular stuff coming on - not in a great rush or intensity but clearly ocular - so an hour's nap to weather the squall. So much for pork chops, fried with MSG, treated with MSG or not. Clearly we're going back to the waffle and mixed fruit, which we like, but seems a little boring day in and day out. But I'll find out.

After the nap a walk over to the Lakeshore ATM, stopping at the ice cream shop for a cone with a double scoop, a walk then back to the burger place for a chicken sandwich (no cheese or onions) to go. The chicken sandwich has so far not indicted itself, but the jury is still out.

My new Ethernet switch had arrived through Amazon when I got home, so it's been installed. Whether it will make accessing the network hard drives any faster is still in question, I can more easily argue that it won't than it will, but there will be fewer reasons to argue against it when the new computer workstation arrives as it comes with the required high speed connection. So our day is wired.

A call just now from the Stanford clinic saying the PSA test was negative, nothing detectable, so we're clear for another year. Sigh.

Later. Another hour's nap. All this from a pork chop? Well, who knows, we'll take the rest of the day as we're able, let it come together slowly, start on the guitar and list the things I need to get done these coming years days. I'm into talking about making lists, anyway, not quite the same thing as writing them down, and I'm clearly not into anything like follow through or execution.

I suspect pork chops come into this equation. I'm not sure how, pork chops and procrastination, pork chops on the haunches of the bat winged pigs that fly in from the west and land in the disturbing middle of my after breakfast naps.

That's a bit of a stretch.

We're not totally in charge here at the moment.

Evening. The Australian police procedural at six. I suspect I may have seen this one before, but I'm not sure. Maybe better than knowing I've seen it before but don't remember how it stumbles along or how it ends.

There's a French series, Spiral, that follows it at seven that I've learned to like. Lots of plots within plots, all of the crazier than batshit participants dancing along the edge. Not sure what that means, a fondness for “crazier than batshit” protagonists, but I do seems to like them doctor. Doctor?

I then stumbled across the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert on one of the channels. I'd forgotten I'd heard earlier that it was playing this evening. Bruce Springsteen doing Born To Run as I tuned in, Roger Waters is up there now doing old Pink Floyd numbers from Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. We may well continue to watch it for however long it cares to run if it holds like this. Nice guitar.

The photo up top was taken walking home along Grand yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.