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December 10, 2012

We'll Not Worry
Monday. I did get to bed early, quite early, not sure I got to sleep any sooner, but the additional time must have been worth something. Up with the alarm without any difficulty and off to breakfast and back on another chill, but not too chill, sunny morning. Feel pretty good. I had eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast and mixed fruit instead of a waffle with fruit, so we'll see if there are any unpleasant symptoms that come along later, but for now the day starts very well.

I have enough of the old computer put together that I can now finish the Oakland Childrens Holiday Parade photographs. Seems odd taking so long, odd in the sense I don't really have any feelings of guilt one way or another, plus or minus, up or down, just, well, let's get them up and done. Time marches along.

Later. Beautiful day, warm, shirt sleeve weather. Life in the fast lane.

A bus downtown to check the chalk mural - yes, it was gone, probably scrubbed clean yesterday afternoon - a walk then through the City Center just before noon heading on to Peet's where I had a cup of coffee and two small lemon something or others. Quite good, the lemon something or others. Clear headed, in a good mood, so a walk through the Old Town ending up on the Jack London bus to walk through the area taking one or two pictures.

A bus, a walk and then another bus back home, picking up an ice cream cone on the way back, the head still clear, the day continuing to go well. When's the last time I opined I hadn't had any of the ocular migraine symptoms in a while? Generally, when I do that, they arrive to put me in my place. We'll see.

Anyway, I'd spent quite a bit of time on the Holiday Parade photographs realizing the ones I'd edited earlier on the laptop weren't up to snuff and so I redid them on on the big screen with the main computer. More copying of files to pull things together, downloading some files from the web sites. Frustrating, but necessary. Necessarily frustrating.

Later still. Still a good day, I'd have to say, working on the photographs I took at the Oakland Childrens Holiday Parade. They're done, they're now up on HereInOakland, but like the overcast almost raining day, they're a grey and sad. I mentioned I had to redo many and so redo them I did. I won't mention I should probably go back and redo all of them again. So I won't. Bite my lip.

A text from my guitar teacher asking if we could meet on Thursday this week - of course, no schedule conflicts for me - but it gives one less day to practice, so I'd best get on with it. Hup! (And the rest of that crap.)

This little “crappy” exchange of yours. You really are in a decent mood.


Evening. The set in the late 17th Century Swedish police procedural was playing at six, one we can live without watching, especially since we've seen it before. Good impetus to play along on the guitar with a news program I've seen earlier in the afternoon. I know, I find all of it hard to believe myself. Still, the finger picking is going well even if the finger tips are turning blue and suffering.

The scheduled in December annual follow up on the prostate tomorrow morning. It's essentially a drive to Stanford hospital in Palo Alto for a blood test. You pass and all is well, you don't pass and all is not well. We've been lucky in these ten years plus so far, so we'll not worry (overly much) tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand near my morning café this weekend with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.