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December 8, 2012

Or Whinging It
Saturday. One thing about sake consumed over the course of an evening, you get to bed early (if there's nothing on television) and you get up whenever you awake and so last night I got what must have been ten hours sleep. Rationale enough to do it again, I'd say.

Anyway, off to breakfast and back on a cold (for around here), but bright sunny morning, a good looking day ahead. We seem to be in decent shape after all the parts have gotten themselves up and started. No particular ambition to get anything productive done, but I'm sure I'll get out the door if only for a picture and lunch.

I ate quite a lot yesterday - hungry, I was - although I prefaced every meal with the same “what to eat?” routine before settling on the stuff I'd bought at the supermarket. Decent enough stuff, no complaints. Part of the personality now, I guess, more grating on other people's nerves than my own. I guess.

You guess a lot.

Life is a guess. I'd guess.

Later. Again, a bright rather crisp morning, so a bus downtown to check out the chalk mural at 14th and Broadway (hopefully) before the cleaning crews had erased it, then a short trip through the City Center and on to a bus stop to head back toward this morning's farmers market on Grand.

Crowded, the market, a single picture to, well, document the visit, a walk on then to the morning café to abuse my decision to avoid ice cream, but discovering they were out of ice cream. Perhaps the Fates are watching after me. No ice cream for an early lunch, but a scone and coffee.

A walk back passing by the Lake Merritt white columns to see a couple of photographers working out with a young couple in front of the fountain, a quick picture or two because (of course) there was no other choice.

Then home, a couple of pictures of the lake much like all my other pictures of the lake, but the attitude good. A good sign when you can take the thousandth picture of the same thing believing you can find something new. Doodle-dee-do. What do you think? All of that sleep last night? No ice cream today?

Evening. I actually got the act together and worked on the failed computer, seeing what I could see about the failed hard drives. It found the boot drive, something it hadn't done when it failed or at the shop (not sure why), but it still didn't recognize the large pair of drives I used to store photographs before they were moved to the external mirrored backup system. Still, that means I still have all the email and such, which is good. (Yes, I copied all of them to the backup drives.)

We'll see. I watched the police procedural at six, a German language production, but set in Venice. Interesting comment on Italy and the state of their police departments and government. Corrupt to the core (except for our detective hero). Maybe it's just a German perspective, not the reality, but it makes you think. Or not think.

Time now for guitar. He said. I've spent maybe half an hour dicking around so far, not really buckling down and getting into the new lesson. Finger picking again, but this new one is somewhat more difficult. I need to get around the “more difficult”, memorize the damned thing and repeat, repeat, repeat for a hard start, but an easy finish. Or something like that. We're winging it. Or whinging it.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.