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December 5, 2012

Couple Of Years
Wednesday. To bed early, up this morning at seven, having turned off the alarm and getting in another hour or so of sleep. So good. I guess.

Off to breakfast and back feeding the meter (life is hard) to return to the apartment and reflect on the hamburger patty, eggs and country potatoes I'd had for breakfast when the usual symptoms came along soon after. Stupid I, me-oh-my.

It evidently takes many hits with the obvious to change a suborn brain diet. Tomorrow the waffle with fruit. For lunch something other than eggs or meats of any kind at my morning restaurant (or anywhere else) for a while.

But OK, it's now noon, the dry mouth and other symptoms have come and gone and I've now returned from the computer shop with my no longer works computer in hand. Actually, two hands, it's a big computer. We'll see what we do now.

I ordered a Dell workstation online when I returned, I'm not up for replacing components anymore in a home brew box anymore for other than video cards, hard drives and such (which adding or subtracting is trivial). I'm going to trust Dell for whatever motherboard level components they've used in their machines to not hose their hard drives and, whenever I download pictures, they'll be transferred immediately to the mirrored back up disks. So there! Hup! Burned fingers!

We'll see how long this lasts, but (as you may have noticed) once I get into a routine it takes quite a bit to break me out of it. Let's hope this is different.

Later. A bus and then a walk to the hospital lab to finally get my monthly Protime test that's now overdue by more than a week. A good reason to get out the door on a rainy afternoon, rainy but not raining while I was out.

I did get in quite a bit of time on the guitar yesterday, we'll see if we can't do the same today starting in about an hour. Less than an hour. Good.

That computer I ordered, one of the big workstations, not one of the less powerful business machines, isn't due for another two weeks, so I need to cobble something better together here to keep me up and running. No more writing this on a laptop in front of the television set, sitting on a lounge chair, the keyboard on my lap. Something productive to do later. Good.

Evening. The Australian East West 101 police procedural at six, one I've seen before and don't really need to see again. I've started on the guitar, but much more is needed there before the day is over. So we'll persevere.

My, my, but I was wrong about not having seen this particular 101 chapter before. I've seen the series (I'm sure?) it's a part of, but not this particular chapter. So we'll watch. And play guitar.

A little spacey are we not?

I've been more than a little spacey for at least the last couple of years.

The photo up top was taken at the Comedy Sportz wedding dinner party last month with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.