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Here In Oakland

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December 2, 2012

Into The Evening
Sunday. To bed at a decent hour, although I'm not sure how well I slept. Could have been OK when everything is considered. Up at seven without the alarm, anyway, off to breakfast and back in the rain.

It had obviously been raining all night, but there was a period of some twenty minutes when it really started coming down as I was finishing breakfast and I took some pictures to document why the store owners have sandbagged their doors in the past. No one had done any sandbagging this morning. Unfortunately.

Stuck with using this laptop for the photographs and the journal. Not the best solution as I suspect I need to re-image the hard drive and reinstall all of the software as it suddenly became really slow revealing this most notably when I was in L.A. for the wedding. Shouldn't have happened so quickly, this sudden metamorphosis into a slow as mud laptop. Something is going on the usual approaches aren't resolving.

Later. A bus to the ATM on Broadway to walk on then in the sun (a nice late morning sun) to the City Center, not a whole lot of people around with nothing open for lunch, so a bus back to the morning restaurant (for a pastry, ice cream and coffee).

A picture or two to show the difference a couple of hours can make, two photographs of firefighters opening up one of the street drains on the way back. I hadn't realized they were responsible for drains, maybe this one is special. A nice afternoon, though, after a much different morning.

What to do now that it's mid-afternoon? Guitar, yes, we're behind on our guitar, but we're not up for much of anything else. Yesterday was a good long day of shooting at the parade and, although we're not really feeling any physical aches and pains from that, we're in the mood for a little guitar and not much else.

One thought did occur. When's the last time I've had anything I could call an ocular migraine related “event”? Been some time now. We seem to have these things over a short period and then they go away. Away for longer and longer periods? Not sure, but I'd hope. A good sign, I'd think, if it were true, here on the now mostly dry streets Oakland.

Evening. Nothing on television I'm willing to put myself through at six (life can be sad, can it not?). What the hell, I've gotten in some time so far on the guitar, not so bad, not so good if I don't continue into the evening. Hup.

The photo up top was taken at the Children's Holiday Parade Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-120mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.