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December 31, 2011

Have Some Fun

Saturday. No so bad. To bed last night at ten, up this morning at eight, a decent night's sleep, I'd think. There's a certain, well, “slowness” in getting up, but the attitude was good once I was on the road, breakfast just fine. Back now at nine, the sun shining, another New Year's Eve ahead.

The photograph was taken at a 50th Wedding anniversary party and I've run it now on many a New Year's Eve. Taken on film, TMAX 400, using whatever lens I had at the time. I say the old 80-200mm below, but it could have been one of a couple of others. Like the picture. I gave the film to the lady in question (I'd photographed it for her daughter who's wedding I also photographed some year or two later) and kept a scan.

I should replace it with something more current, maybe keep that in mind when I'm out and about with a camera, find another half swacked on a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly lady looking bored and dissipated in years well beyond her age. They take their time, these photographs you keep at the back of your mind, but they do come along eventually or, if they don't, they'll surprise you with a sister photo you like even better.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Nice if it were true, though. You look, you find and, if you don't find, you're given something better? I'd think. Here on the web, early in the morning, the sun coming in through the windows, the day ahead.

No sign of ocular migraines last night, the head clearing reasonably well while watching television and practicing guitar. I was thinking of blowing it off, the guitar practice, which would have put me behind the curve, but as the head cleared I was able to get in an hour, which is fine. My guess is no matter how long or short the session, it's best to not skip a day, ever. Refresh the neurological pathways if only briefly, reinforce what's gone before: this is a G power chord, this is a Come Together riff, engrave them into the subconscious flesh and remember, remember, remember. (Please.)

Later. Another morning walk by the farmer's market and on to the morning café for coffee and a piece of cake, the waitresses bringing a bowl containing pieces of fruit as a side dish with the cake (as they do in the mornings) and charging me all of two dollars for the lot. The coffee lists for that. Well, we leave a somewhat larger than average tip. Fight fire with fire.

There's probably a glimpse of your underlying personality in that: “fire with fire”.

I do wonder sometimes. Am I a bit of a control freak? Me? Could be. This is what happens when one control freak meets another, I suspect: various forms of bumping heads and one upsmanship. Not yet sure about that, but it's a realization that surprised me and, at some level didn't surprise me at all, when I first thought about it. Could it be we, in all our immaculate splendor, are not perfect? The collective, editorial we? Perish the thought.

Yet the thought reoccurs.

On occasion, on occasion. It and reality often raise their heads in the mornings when I first look in the mirror, before brush and comb and amnesia rearrange all I perceive.

A picture or two, none of them particularly working, but one or two honest attempts none the less. Shows the attitude is good, at least - honest attempts - even though it also shows how little effort I appear to be willing to put into it in finding a better angle and such. Doesn't worry me much. Which is obvious.

Back home now in the early afternoon, I'm thinking a nap and a first session on the guitar. I'd like to get in two hours today and the way to do that is to have a session early on, the two or three that follow later in the afternoon and evening will fill in the balance. Time on the guitar, something else to count, something else to drive you to distraction and an early grave. You'd think feeding the photographic monkey would be enough.

Later still. A thought, but only a brief thought, to go down the hill and have sushi and sake. It is New Year's Eve, a little sake would be appropriate. But the system says no, you don't want to do that, you're feeling pretty good, why get lit and maybe crash? I would get lit, but it's not true that I'd necessarily crash later if I keep it to the usual flask or flask and a half.

What the hell, New Year's Eve. I haven't been out celebrating in decades, no interest in doing it anymore, at least not here where I am in Oakland. And a drink or two? Not this year, I guess, although the evening is early and other thoughts can be entertained before it ends.

More as a kick in the pants to get me up and going, I put the new design up at HereInOakland. There are sections to be added and some tweaks to be made, but at least it's online and can now be expanded. I have some links to artandlife that aren't really explained, but again, it's a start. Finishing this should be on my New Year Resolutions list, but I'm not sure putting it there wouldn't give it too much visibility and put the hex on it. Slip it in under the radar, surprise myself.

Still, Happy New Year out there. Keep it cool on the road. And have some fun!

Photographing a 50th year wedding anniversary many years ago taken with a Nikon F5 mounted with an 80-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor D lens. I think.