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December 13, 2011

Hup, Hup. Yup.

Tuesday. There was a large crowd that gathered and then marched on the port yesterday afternoon at five, I'd have gotten some interesting pictures had I returned to City Hall and photographed them forming up for the march. Again, no interest in following them to the port. I keep saying that, maybe wondering if one day I might change my stance. Doesn't matter. For the moment I'm a believer in keeping my head in one piece, not causing the heart rate to increase. Have been since I was a kid, the only interruption being those two years in the army. Not sure how I let that happen.

Still, to bed by ten, up this morning early, for some reason, awakening before the alarm, to breakfast and back now just before eight to look through yesterday's entry. Interesting (interesting is maybe not the right word, not enough embedded dread) to see the odd typos that aren't really quite typos or, if they are, they're of a different sort. Common connecting words that aren't misspelled so much as transformed into other common words that makes no contextual sense. An error, yes, but an odd error more to do with this age business I suspect than any other nonsense. Typos noted, no damned reason to obsess about them. He said.

I missed a package yesterday when I was downtown, I suspect they were the artandlife business cards I ordered online last week. I'm curious to see how they turned out. My one experience with ordering from an online card printer has been good, no reason to think the second won't be fine, but I'm holding off on ordering the HereInOakland cards just in case. I forget how many I ordered of the old artandlife cards many years ago. I still have a bunch left, I never think to bring them with me and even then forget to hand them out when an opportunity arises. The original cards just had a web address, no name, email address or phone number. The new ones have my name, my email address and the web address, still no phone number.

No phone number. Good to see you're serious.

I figure I'll get all the way to serious this next decade, the next time I print another set.

Later. Well, a good day, a good afternoon. I haven't been outside, haven't done much. An hour or so's nap, some futzing with artandlife, some time on the guitar. I'm half waiting on UPS to arrive, but only half, there's not reason I need a box of business cards today rather than say tomorrow. The weather is perfect, the sky clear, the temperature OK. We'll see. Maybe I just needed a little downtime, not because I'm tired or fuzzy headed or such, just because, well, it's a day to stay inside.

Later still. I'm not sure what it was that I missed yesterday from UPS (I assume I'll find out when they arrive later), but the cards did arrive through FedEx. I do like them. Mr. P, who designed the artandlife site, also designed the cards. I think I'll order the HereInOakland cards later this evening. Progress of sorts.

Guitar and news, news and guitar. I'll watch the Korean soap later and get to bed about nine. Hup, hup. Yup.

The photograph was taken at SantaCon in San Francisco Saturday with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.