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December 7, 2011

Apple Sandwiches

Wednesday. Well, there it is. After posting last night's entry, sitting down to watch the Korean soap while practicing the guitar, I had another full blown ocular migraine. Figured out what as happening finally, got up, turned everything off, went to bed at eight, got up after seven to go to breakfast, return, get the guitar and go to my lesson this morning. The morning has gone well, feel pretty good right now just before eleven, the air cold, the sun bright, the day ahead. December 7th. A day with a bit of history associated with it.

I did have the sake last night, the spicy mussels, some chicken bits on skewers, Alaska rolls and green tea cheese cake. A little more than the two allowed equivalent drinks, but a very small amount more and, well, bang! They say eat during the day, don't have long periods in between meals. I'd had my early breakfast at seven and then nothing for another ten hours. I had corned beef hash for breakfast along with a full serving of country potatoes (don't usually have a full serving), the corned beef a cured meat, not good; the country potatoes, carbohydrates. Sake? Alcohol certainly, but two? Just two? Spicy mussels? Four of them. Really small? Deadly? I guess.

Whatever. Short term memory loss this morning, had trouble remembering the fingering of the open D chord, a simple chord I've played a whole bunch of times, particularly in the first year of playing. I kept forgetting the fingering of the damned thing even after he'd pointed it out a number of times. Play this, play that and then finger the D. How do you do that? It was embarrassing. Well, it wasn't embarrassing, many things I found embarrassing in my youth I've gotten long beyond, one of the benefits of getting older, but again? How do you repeatedly forget a simple chord?

I think everyone gets the drift. A senior moment. Time to move on.

You're right. Interesting more than upsetting. I've had these before, they don't come very often and the day is nice, the attitude much better than I'm able to properly communicate. Hup, hup.

Later. A walk down along the lake and beyond to have lunch at the usual place, a pelican fishing for his lunch as I was passing. This is when you think you'd maybe like to get serious about photographing birds. The pictures are nice for the distance, but nice in the sense they show potential to have been much better had you been closer, paying more attention to the bird's illumination and the angle at which the photographs were shot. Just sayin’, not suggesting I'll do anything about it.

Again, an amble, feeling pretty good. A little spacey, but nothing wrong with that anymore, passing another sign that indicates the Occupy movement isn't dead. Providing you don't take the sign literally, of course.

Home now to play enough open D chords to bring the fingering back into the brain. I'll go through all of the open chords I've learned but not played recently to brush up. I do that with some of the older stuff, but obviously not enough. I've been playing the Flying Burrito Brothers version of the Stones Wild Horses on their Authorized Bootleg: Fillmore East Ny Ny Late Show CD in the car recently, maybe start to learn that one too. There's only so much time, might as well spend it having a little fun. I'd say spend it “right”, but that's a little too earnest, a parent encouraging a child to prepare for what's coming in his or her years ahead. We've been through that, it's OK to do things just for the hell of it. Always was, of course, but we forget.

Evening. A fair amount of time on the guitar. The fingertips have had their workout pushing strings, we're making progress. I guess. If sore fingertips (not too sore) is a sign of progress.

We'll do our Korean soap later and see where it was I zonked out last night. Will I remember the ending? I suspect, but it was close to the time when Alice opened the portal to Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat suddenly appeared in most of my surroundings. Instead of sake and sushi I had an apple sandwich this evening. A sliced apple between two pieces of bread. Not sure I've had one of those before, was actually fairly tasty, but I think a run to the supermarket after breakfast tomorrow. Things are getting a little tight when you're down to apple sandwiches (in my less than humble opinion).

The photograph was taken Sunday along Broadway across from Sears with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.