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December 4, 2011

In The First Week

Sunday. So! To bed last night fairly early, a good night's sleep, up without the alarm before six, to breakfast and back by eight feeling pretty good, the sun shining and the birds quiet as mice. We are in a good mood as you may have surmised. Hup!

Other than that we'll see how the day goes. I'm not sure I got much guitar practice in yesterday, we'll make up for it today starting this morning. A good session in the morning leads to sessions in the afternoon and evening and a good day's practice. Hup!

Maybe enough of this hup business.

Oh, probably. I have pictures to work on from yesterday's parade (nice to get away from all the Occupy Wall Street stuff) and things to manage on the new artandlife design. It still has a ways to evolve as I begin using it and finding the subtleties involved with the links. Photos to move, sections to redeploy. (hup!)

Later. I spent the rest of the morning working on Holiday Parade photographs. There's a bunch of them, some of them good, too many not so good, but overall I'm relatively pleased. Well, not unhappy. There was that thing about the backlighting against the sun. Some outings are better than others, some due to my error, some due to lack of luck, all watched over by the Cosmic Giggle. One learns not to argue with the Cosmic Giggle lest one wishes to lose one's bearings in life and forget. To giggle. And then clean up the mess. Hup.

We're straying here.

A really long session in PhotoShop tends to wear you out, make the mind wander. Not good to take it to extremes. Process the little bastards in groups with walks in between. Still, we're making progress, quality or not.

An enjoyable walk along the lake taking one or two pictures, none of them particularly interesting: birds out on the lake, a couple of coots sitting at the edge ready to take flight as I passed them by. Still, comfortable, a nice amble down to the morning restaurant at noon, mocha coffee and a bagel with cream cheese for lunch, a bus then from the restaurant all the way downtown to see what I could see at the Occupy “no longer a camp” camp. I may be in a rut with this Occupy business.

There was a Muslim group in front of City Hall conducting a prayer service and a Muslim sponsored blood drive underway at the entrance to the plaza. There have been a number of religious groups conducting services in conjunction with the Occupy movement and the Muslims have been a major participant.

There was another person standing in for Mr. RunningWolf up in his tree, a small group manning the old kids center at their old spot, a table where there's always been a table and, more recently, a food line. The meditation group, all of four of them today, were off to the side, as the main area where they usually set up was, I guess, taken by others before they arrived.

A pretty good “amble”, an enjoyable early afternoon, a cup of coffee at Peet's taking this picture for reasons that make no sense. A walk then down Broadway until a bus came and back home.

Evening. Lots of time working on the pictures, all of the parade photographs and now the Occupy photographs are done, something over a hundred. That, some guitar while watching the news, a bath and a German language police procedural on TV. I think a little more guitar and a little more television before we get to bed. Early. This evening. On a good Sunday in the first week of December, 2011.

The photograph was taken yesterday at the Oakland Holiday Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.